Friday, January 25

Celebrate Fart Friday in style with the launch of Buttheads from WowWee

Meet Buttheads ($9.99; Ages 5+) by WowWee - their heads are, you guessed it… BUTTS! This ghastly group is made up of four infamous characters: Grim Ripper, Tushi, Robutt, and Brainfart. Each character features 3 different ways to play - pull their finger for a gross surprise, set a stink bomb to prank friends and family, or challenge your friends to a stinky duel! Hold the sensor on the cheeks and pull their finger up to add time to the stink bomb, or shake your character to enter into battle mode and release one of three farts. Each Butthead also includes a smelly trading card complete with unique smells and stats!

Buttheads will be hitting shelves at Walmart in late January, with additional retailers to follow in March.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the above mentioned brand. I received product to share my honest and unbiased thoughts. However, all thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with mentioned brand.


  1. I can see these being a huge hit, especially with boys! My favorite is Robutt.

  2. Oh, yeah, kids will love these. Let's face it, farts and butts are funny.