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Snacks & Food Gifts Galore!

One of my favorite things to give, and receive when it comes to food is a basket full of goodies. Take for instance this Deluxe Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler from It's jam packed full of cheese, meats and crackers that are perfect for holiday snacking. I for one love gifts like this because it's something the whole family can enjoy. I mean let's be honest what gift is better than one you can indulge in for the holidays?

This deluxe gourmet meat and cheese sampler features a carefully selected assortment of artisan meats, cheeses and crackers. From all beef summer sausage, to slow smoked pepperoni, to four types of gourmet cheese, this is the perfect gift to send for any occasion. Your recipients will have fun pairing the different meats and cheeses with the hearty wheat crackers and sun dried tomatoes!

If I were to receive this awesome assortment of products from People's Choice Beef Jerky under my tree this year I would be over the moon with excitement. If you ask me there's nothing better than a box of beef jerky. It's actually been one of my favorite snacks since going low carb. Beef jerky comes in so many different flavor varieties it's a snack I never get tired of enjoying. And the people over at People's Choice Beef Jerky know exactly what they are doing with their awesome line of flavor combinations. From original to sweet to spicy they have something every jerky lover will enjoy. Not to mention the quality of their meat cuts is one of the best I've ever tried. The jerky isn't all dried out and tough to chew, it's like enjoying your favorite cut of meat jerky style! You can purchase their beef jerky and beef sticks individually by flavor or you can get one of their beef jerky assortment boxes and try several different ones.

Speaking of snack lovers. If you have one (or are one) then you'll love the offerings over at Mrs. Renfro's. They have a vast assortment to choose from of salsa, relish, peppers, cheese and barbecue sauces that will fit everyone's taste buds. From the meek and mild (like myself) to the burn your tongue off crazies (like my husband) they have it all. I've been a fan of their products since I tried them about a year ago and so has my husband. He's addicted to their ghost pepper products. And now that they carry a salsa made with Carolina Reapers he's even more in love. His motto is "the hotter the better" when it comes to condiments. And Mrs. Renfro's products with hot peppers doesn't disappoint. But don't worry they do have a large selection for the rest of us out there that can't handle the heat!

A good cup of coffee is another must have in our house. I know my day doesn't start off right if I don't have my morning cup-o-joe. And now my mornings are even better since I'm enjoying a cup of Wakey Wakey coffee from Perky Perky in my new "A Little Coffee and Whole Lot of Jesus" mug.  Available in light, medium, and dark roasts in your choice of ground or whole bean varieties. Perky Perky aims to please everyone and let me tell you I was sure pleased from my first cup. If you have a coffee lover on your list you can send them a bag or two or coffee and a mug to go along with it for the perfect gift!

Speaking of things we love...BACON! If you don't love bacon then honestly I think there may be something wrong with you. I'm just kidding, but honestly I don't see how anyone can not enjoy the taste of fresh cooked bacon. Over at Bacon Freak they know there are people like us all over the world and are ready to fulfill our needs for all things bacon, and bacon flavored. The box they sent me was filled with both of those things I have to say we were in bacon heaven. Not only did we have fresh cooked bacon for breakfast we also had bacon flavored coffee and pancakes to go with it! Be sure to check out the Bacon Freak website to see all of their tasty offerings and packages.

If bacon isn't your thing than maybe chocolate is. And if that's the case the Chocolate Pizza Company has you covered! From their signature Chocolate Pizzas to their super tasty Peanut Butter Wings you'll find everything your chocolate loving heart desires. Their Chocolate Pizzas are just like the real thing (except in chocolate and candy form). You can get them plain, or have them topped with lots of extra goodies. The best part (if you ask me) is the "crust" that's made from chocolate blended with homemade English toffee. Oh man is it scrumptious. Their Peanut Butter wings (rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in rich chocolate) on the side finish it off just perfectly. This is a combination any chocolate loving recipient will LOVE finding under their tree this year!

One of my all time favorite snacks is cheese. It's one of those foods I can eat in something, on something, or just plain by itself and be happy. Cheese can make a great snack for those evenings you have family and friends over, or it can make a really nice gift when packaged up in a gift box like this one. This gift box features four outstanding Crave Brothers Cheeses: two Farmer’s Rope String Cheese (1.5 pounds), 2 containers of Mascarpone (1 pound), Marinated Fresh Mozzarella (.5 pound) and Cheddar Cheese Curds (.75 pound) all for under $25. Now that's a gift to get excited about!

Speaking of cheese have you heard of Whisps? I hadn't either until a couple months ago when I started eating a low carb diet. Whisps are an airy, crispy, crunchy, and tasty snack made solely from one ingredient: 100% true cheese! It's like a chip/cracker for those of us that no longer choose to eat chips and crackers. And let me tell you they are pretty darn amazing. Pair them up with some low carb dip and honestly they are even better than crackers or chips. Of course you don't even need anything to dip them in because they come in a nice assortment of flavor combinations that make them great right out of the bag. I'm really digging the Bacon BBQ ones myself, they are pretty tasty alone. You can even use them in recipes in place of breading or croutons on a salad. Great for those low carb house guests like myself. :-)

Speaking of low carb friendly snacks these Big John's Snack Sticks from Circle Branch are amazing Not only are they made with 100% pasture raised pork they contain no high fructose corn syrup, sodium Eerythorbate or nitrites. Plus the contain five grams of protein. Simple ingredients that deliver a great tasted in every bite. They are available in three flavors: Big John’s Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Stick, Big John’s Nitrite Free Bacon Jalapeno Snack Stick, and Big John’s Nitrite Free Hawaiian Style Snack Stick.

Looking for a quick snack to have on hand? Or maybe something you can drop in the kiddos stockings to make them smile? Loacker Minis are perfect for both. They will win you over with their three delicious layers of tenderly melting cream filling and four light, crispy wafers! Whether you choose hazelnut, cocoa and chocolate or vanilla cream filling - these small delicacies are always at hand when you feel like a snack. Loacker Minis are the bite-sized version of Italy’s #1 wafer. All ingredients are 100% natural and sustainably sourced directly from the Italian Alps.

For the person on your list that's always saying "the hotter the better" boy do I have the perfect gift for them. Stamped with the Mad Dog 357 logo, attached to a key chain, and sold with twenty refills, Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain is a convenient, discreet alternative to bulky bottles of sauce. Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain is available in three varieties, Reaper Edition, made from the world's hottest Carolina Reapers, Ghost Edition - a close second, and No Escape - a mix of super-hot peppers and proprietary encapsulated capsicum powder, is the world's hottest pepper blend. My husband is one of those that says "the hotter the better" and let me tell you he was super excited when I presented him with this set of spices. He couldn't get them open fast enough to fill up the keychain vials and test them all out. Had I given them to him for Christmas they probably would have been his favorite gift he liked them so much!

For holiday snacking or gifting to all those nut lovers out there WataNUT has you covered! Their gourmet nut mixes and shortbread cookies are created from scratch from the finest ingredients, baked fresh daily, and packed by hand. At Watanut, they believe that gift giving should come from the heart. Each customizable order is elegantly wrapped in gift boxes, baskets or tins. Ranging from $15.95 to $149.95, these gift-ready holiday treats are perfect for friends, coworkers, party hostesses and the hard to buy for on your holiday shopping list.

With Somers Family MustKetch you don’t have to choose between mustard and ketchup – you can have both! But MustKetch is more than just mustard and ketchup - it's a whole new kind of condiment. Using a unique blend of natural ingredients in each flavor, MustKetch is extra cravable. You can enjoy all of the yummy goodness without any of the artificial ingredients. And even as someone that's definitely NOT a fan of mustard these are actually pretty good!

Available in three flavors: Original (mustard, ketchup and a little something extra), Zesty (like Original but with a little extra zip), and Smoke (Smoky with spicy, peppery undertones).

These delightfully tasty treats are all from Indie Goodz. Indie Goodz is an online marketplace where consumers can easily shop independent, local products from anywhere in the United States in one convenient location. I've always been a fan of supporting small businesses so it's really nice to find a place I can do that all on one website. They have lots of great gifts to choose from too. At Indie Goodz you can find everything from personal care and jewelry items to food, drink, clothing, hobbies, pets and more. And you can add it all to the same shopping cart so you don't have to check out once! And after you're done shopping not only are you getting some pretty awesome products you're also helping out small business owners at the same time! To me that's what holiday shopping is all about, giving and helping others. Of course the consuming of the the yummy treats is pretty darn good too!
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