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Holiday Gifts for One and All

The FABRIQ Chorus is a Bluetooth/wireless smart speaker that's the #1 Amazon Echo alternative. Every unit is even Alexa-enabled. Chorus is customizable with different patterns on the outside so you can hand pick your favorite pattern for your recipients (or yourself). You can connect up to 10 Chorus units throughout your home so you can create a whole house music system. I love it because I can just speak commands and hear the music I want. I don't even have to stop what I'm doing in the kitchen and dry off my hands! The included charging dock makes it quick and convenient to charge by simply setting the unit on the charger base. The sound quality is pretty amazing too for such a small speaker.

Now days most cars come with a back-up camera. But what they don't come with is a dash-cam to record what's in front of you. I was excited about getting this Vivitar HD DashCam because I want to be able to record the bus picking up my daughter in the mornings. We've had issues with cars passing the bus and now I can catch anyone that does it on video! Of course the dash cam is also great for catching accidents making reports to insurance a breeze too!

Easily keep track of anything that happens in and around your vehicle with this item that provides crystal clear picture and audio. The camera’s 90 degree wide 4G glass lens makes it easy to review recorded videos and an integrated microphone records the sounds inside your vehicle. With incident detection (G-Sensor), automatically save footage of collisions and incidents that happen to your vehicle while you’re out and about.

We have Ozeri fans in several rooms of our home and honestly love them all. But after getting this one recently I'm starting to think it may be my favorite. The newly enhanced Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Fan features Bluetooth technology so you can control it right from your phone. Sporting an ultra-quiet dual oscillating motors with automatic vertical (up/down) and horizontal (left/right) motion, for the widest possible distribution of refreshing airflow. It's engineered to deliver maximum airflow at the lowest possible db noise rating, with 4 different speed settings.
It even has a non-oscillating mode for precisely directed airflow and immediate cooling effectiveness. With a built in 4 hour timer and an included extended-range remote you honestly can't go wrong with this compact unit.

For the do it yourself DIY-ers out there Kapro has a really nice line of levels, lasers, and marking tools that will help them get the job started the right way. Any DIY-er knows you can't start a project without accurate measurements. Followed by guide lines to keep them on track once those measurements are taken. My husband was really impressed with the products we received from Kapro and knew exactly how each one worked just by looking at them. He's definitely more of an at home project person than I am because I was a little lost. Thankfully I have him here to do that while I do the decorating after the projects are done!

For those crafty DIY-ers on your list be sure to check out KNIPEX Tools. From cutting pliers to jewelers pliers as well as a wide selection of other specialty pliers KNIPEX Tools has everything that crafty friend/family member has been dreaming of.  KNIPEX knows that quality is important when it comes to the fine details and their line of crafters tools shows it. All the way down to the comfortable rubberized grips!

The JBL Clip 3 is a great gift giving idea for anyone that likes to listen to music on the go. It's a portable Bluetooth speaker that's not only compact, it's also very durable, and features an IPX7 waterproof design. That means you can “Clip” it to your backpack and take it on a hiking (or fishing) trip and not worry about it. Just proceed with your trip and enjoy hands-free entertainment for up to 10 hours – all with exceptional sound. For a hand sized speaker this thing can put out some awesome sound. The JBL Clip 3 is even available in variety of cool colors too so you can even coordinate with your gear!

Someone getting a gaming system for Christmas? Then you're going to need some gear for it right? Over at PowerA they have everything you'll need! Whether you're looking for accessories for the XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Wii PowerA has you covered. From controllers and charging stations, to audio and accessories, to cases, bags, and more. Not only do they carry a wide variety of quality accessories for all of the systems, they also carry them in fun patterns that any gamer will love!

For the runner (or person that's always on the go) on your gift list, JVC offers completely wireless headphones. They feature two small earpieces — no wires — specifically designed for runners and people on the go. They fit comfortably and securely so they won’t fall out while running. They’re waterproof (they can even be rinsed under running water!), come with a lightweight portable charging case, and clip-on pouch for portability at it's best. They even have an app that has a 10-level battery indicator and a “find” function to make it easy to locate a missing earpiece. Now that's something to sing about!

Of course not everyone is a runner, but may still want a good quality pair of Bluetooth earphones. That's okay because JVC has you covered too. JVC’s line of Marshmallow headphones — named for their soft memory foam earpieces — are among the brand’s most popular. Marshmallow Bluetooth inner ear headphones feature a built-in mic and remote control, and are available in your choice of five colors — blue, black, green, red and white. The memory foam earpieces provide a comfortable fit and a tight seal to ensure the best possible sound. With 14 hours of listening time via the built-in rechargeable battery you'll be listening to music all day long!

Speaking of listening to music. Sometimes music should be seen and heard and that's just what COBY had in mind with their Light Up sound bar. The lights actually flash to the beat of the music providing you with both sound and a show! The rechargeable, Ultra-Slim Bluetooth® Stereo Speaker, with built-in mic lets you play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device from up to 33ft away. An integrated microphone allows for hands-free calling making it dual purpose too!

Something fun my daughter and I like to do now that she's older and wearing ladies sizes is get matching outfits. When she was younger it was harder to find things that match between the two departments. This year we decided it would be fun if we got matching holiday nightgowns. (Don't mind our not matching bottoms, those will be coming soon.) The folks over at LazyOne actually have matching PJ's for the ENTIRE family! So there's no worry about shopping in different age groups. Now how much fun would that be on Christmas morning for the whole family to gather round the tree in their matching PJ's! My husband and son aren't quite as into that sort of thing as we are so it would take a little convincing. But that's okay my daughter and I will at least be sporting ours come Christmas morning. I mean let's be honest we do look pretty awesome in our You Melt Me nightshirts.

The Grinch decorative bandages from BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages will help make those minor cuts and scratches less of a "mean one" this holidays season. These festive bandages were released in honor of The Grinch animated movie. Perfect for stocking stuffers or to keep on hand for holiday parties, The Grinch bandages are a fun yet practical staple this busy holiday season. The Grinch bandages are available for $4.59 at most mass retailers, including Target and Walmart.

Know someone that likes to get creative when they grill? Or maybe likes to kick things up a notch by using a smoker? Than this Grilling Planks + Smoking Chips Sampler from Wildwood Grilling Outlet is a great gifting idea for them. It comes with five different wood materials of grilling planks as well as two different wood types of smoking chips. Perfect for distinct smoke flavors with different food flavor pairings. Plus all of the grilling products from Wildwood, including their seconds, are 100% natural and free of any chemical additives. Now that's a guarantee you probably won't find from other grilling products.
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