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Give him something he will actually use this Christmas!

The Detailing Rig from MYCHANIC Is a great gift for any guy that loves to work on vehicles. My husband was really excited because he is setting his up with tools and cleaning supplies for his motorcycle. The bucket is a handy place for him to store all of the smaller stuff while the underseat storage is good for larger things. Plus he can sit and scoot all the way around the bike doing things without having to get up and down multiple times. Definitely a lot faster and more convenient too.

• Durable EVA cushion seat doubles as a kneeling pad.
• Integrated bucket dolly with bucket and grit trap.
• Five 3” premium castors offer increased maneuverability.
• Cup holder to keep your favorite beverage handy.

The Sidekick Stool from MYCHANIC is another great option. Especially if you want to keep tools organized and within arms reach while working on a vehicle or project down low. The cushioned seat raises/lowers so they can get it at just the right height every time. And it's super comfortable for those long drawn out projects. Again it features wheels so you can slide back and forth, or all the way around a vehicle without having to get up. The drawers are the perfect size for storing all the tools he'll need to have handy.

ADJUSTABLE | Cushioned seat raises from 17.4" to 20.5" for a perfect height.
DURABLE | Powder coated steel frame supports up to 350 lbs with ease.
OVERSIZED | 3" speed casters easily glide over rough surfaces.
ACCESSIBLE | Power tool holster and bins made of durable polypropylene for the things you need the most.
SPACIOUS | Padded drawer on ball bearing slides.

Speaking of working on vehicles. I couldn't tell you how many times over the years I've had my husband yell "come hold the flashlight" so he could see under a certain part of the car with both hands free. With this awesome 20V Multi-function LED Light from WORX I won't be hearing those words anymore! The LED Light features five functions including a flashlight, lantern, desk lamp with hi/lo settings, and flashing emergency light. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which have been commonly used in flashlights, LED lights burn cooler and are the longest running light source available today.

The LED Light is compatible with other WORX 20V lawn and garden and DIY tools and is part of the WORX 20V Power Share program. Perfect for helping him start building (or expanding) his inventory of DIY tools.

Also from WORX we have the WORX Step Stool and Pegasus Worktable & Sawhorse. Both are great additions to any man's "Man Cave" and prove to be very useful. The step stool not only gives you a little added height to reach things it also features space "under the lid" so to speak for storing his WORX tools. And it even has a handy little pull-out tray at the bottom for the small stuff. The worktable/sawhorse is great for added workspace or for holding steady things he needs to cut when fully open. Or when the sides are folded down can work as a stand alone sawhorse. Its combination of features include built-in channels to house two, 18 in. quick-clamps and four table slots for dogs to secure circular and irregular sized workpieces. Pegasus has a 31" x 25" tabletop and in the worktable position, it’s capable of supporting workloads up to 300 lbs.

The New England Patriots NFL "Squadron" Duffel from The Northwest Company is a great gift of choice for any Patriots football loving fan. My husband is from New Hampshire and even though he now lives in Indiana with me his heart still belongs to the Patriots. So our house is filled with their logo. I'm not really into sports so it doesn't matter to me. Just knowing he is happy is enough. When this duffel arrived he was really excited because he had been looking to get a new gym bag and this is a perfect fit. It even has a separate pocket that's perfect for sweaty gym clothes or his sneakers. The cross body strap is another nice feature with its shoulder pad for added comfort. Definitely a great choice for my Patriots loving man.

If you live someplace that gets snow..or like us recently snow mixed with ice and your hubby parks outside than you'll definitely want to think about getting him a FrostGuard for his windshield. Not that I was too excited about it at the moment, but boy was I thankful we had a FrostGuard last week when a round of snow/ice mix decided to show up. It wasn't alot but it was enough that if we didn't have the windshield covered we would have had to let the truck run a bit before scraping it off. It showed us both just how awesome the FrostGuard is and that it DOES work. After removing it the windshield underneath was completely clear and ice free. And by using the mirror covers both of the side mirrors were frost free too! Definitely a lifesaver on those cold frosty mornings.

How about a gift that matches his interests or personality? This custom knife from Deejo is perfect for that. My husband carries a knife pretty much all the time in his pocket so this one was a no brainier for him. And because I got to fully customize it I knew it would mean even more than if I picked one up at the store that thousands of others would be buying too. On the Deejo website you get to choose the blade length, blade finish, handle finish, tattoo (engraving on the blade) and if you like personalization. And the really cool thing is as you choose each thing it immediately updates the knife on the screen to match your choices. You actually get to see the final product you created right on the screen before you even order. Speaking of ordering I created and had my knife in hand in less than a week! With three day international shipping these make great last minute gifts too!

For the outdoor enthusiast on your list that likes to jam to some tunes the BF100 Bullfrog Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from Kicker is sure to be a #1 hit. It's completely waterproof and it floats — making it perfect for a day out on the river fishing or kayaking with friends.  It’s fully protected from rain, snow, dust and dirt — and with an IP67 rating it can float and can also be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. The compact design and lightweight build (approx. 2 lbs and the size of a water bottle) makes it perfect for throwing in a backpack for a day hike or including in a carry-on for traveling without alot of added weight. It has a battery life of 12 hours and also includes hands-free speakerphone capabilities. To top it off the unique design of the BF100 gives you audio on both sides of the unit, for twice the speaker power. And if that's still not enough for you, you can join any two Bullfrogs together wirelessly, for double the tunes!

I like to call this one the gift that keeps on giving. Well as long as your chosen subscription lasts that is. Any fisherman will love getting a subscription to Mystery Tackle Box. I know my husband and son were both right there when I opened this one up trying to get their hands on "the goods" to thoroughly investigate what was inside. Mystery Tackle Box offers a fun and affordable way for fisherman across the US to discover new fishing products, learn new techniques and catch more fish all at an affordable price. MTB offers monthly subscriptions for any budget, starting from $45; from 3 to 12 months. Each box is curated by fishing product experts and contains 40% more value than you pay, so you know you are getting a great deal! Don't worry if you're unsure of what type of fish species your recipient will be fishing for because you can order a gift certificate that allows them to create their own account and choose for themselves.

Looking for that perfect gift for one of the men in your life that doesn't like to splurge on himself? Get him a shaver from Philips Norelco. Trust me he will be glad you did. I recently received the Philips Norelco Shaver S9000 Prestige for my husband and the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body for my son and the end result was two very happy guys. My son is 18 so he's still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of shaving so the OneBlade Face + Body was the perfect choice for him. It's simple and straight forward to use, and with the multiple blades and combs can be used in many different areas and ways. The S9000 Prestige my husband received blew his socks off. He's always just bought an average priced shaver that didn't really have many features. His thought was as long as it shaves off the hair it's good right? Well he's now learned that is NOT the right answer. He loves this one so much he is actually shaving more often. Which means this gal doesn't get scratched when smooching on her hubby. Now I can that a win for all!

The Dove Men+Care line was created just for a man's unique needs. For healthy-looking skin, he needs great cleansing products that hydrate as well as clean. The Dove Men+Care cleansing line has exactly that. Developed specifically for men’s skin, Dove Men+Care cleansing products feature MicroMoisture technology to provide hydration for healthier, stronger skin. Whether you’re looking for a deep-cleaning face wash or a refreshing body wash to leave your skin feeling cool as well as clean, our cleansing range has everything you need. And from a ladies standpoint I'm enjoying the scent of the products in the line after my husband uses them. If you ask me there's nothing better than a fresh smelling man after he showers.

If you're special guy doesn't like to use a full sized wallet then he will probably like these two options from RAWHYD Leather. They are what I like to refer to as minimalist wallets. Just enough room for the basics. Cash, credit cards, ID, and a few other necessity cards he might need. This is what my husband uses so he can carry it in his front pocket. It just makes him feel safer having his wallet close to him and a little more hidden vs. in his back pocket where everyone can see it.

The nice thing about giving a gift from RAWHYD Leather is they give 10% of their profits every month to their partnered orphanage in India that goes to pay for the school fees for the kids. So far they are able to sponsor about 15 kids a month. That means your gift will basically be doubled by shopping with them.

Indulge your iPhone-loving man with crisp, clear sound ranging from rich bass to detailed treble with the Soundot AF1 FM Headphones from Blackloud. They feature a 15mm woofer and 7mm tweeter dual-driver design for sounds any guy will love. He’ll be able to take calls, listen to music and talk to Siri, and - as a bonus - he won’t miss a beat if he's without internet. How? He’ll be able to tune directly into FM radio via the built-in FM receiver, even when he doesn't have internet connectivity. Perfect for guys like mine that spend a lot of time literally "out in the sticks" hunting, or on the water fishing where internet signal isn't always available. Listening to FM radio in real time via the built-in FM chip, rather than streaming it over the internet, has a number of benefits. It uses no mobile data, saves battery life, eliminates the delays inherent in streaming, and provides access to emergency information broadcast on FM during crises when connectivity fails. Oh yeah, did I mention they feature a lightening cable that fits all iPhones and super comfortable ear buds?

If you have a fella that likes to have fires, whether it be indoors or out Pine Mountain Firelogs are a great gift for him. Pine Mountain firelogs are used in fires that celebrate holidays and parties, and also are used in camping or outdoor entertaining. Whatever the occasion, Pine Mountain Firelogs are easy to use, clean-burning, and steady. I for one like them because they burn for three hours and then they are done. No worrying hours later if my son remembered to put the fire out!

Got a light? Whether you're looking for a literal light or a light as in lighting something on fire Practical Power has you covered. Their Sparkr Mini Lighter & Flashlight combo covers both lights actually in one small device. It's a USB rechargeable electric lighter with a built-in LED flashlight. The plasma lighter creates two electric beams that cross to make lighting up in the wind or rain simple and easy. No flame to worry about being blown out! The high-efficiency LED flashlight provides plenty of light whenever you need it. On the other hand if all you need is literal light you might want to check out the Luminoodle Click. The Luminoodle Click features 3 ft. of bright LEDs (output up to 150 lumens) that simply "click" on and off to brighten up the dark spaces. It's powered by (3) AA batteries (included) to provide light wherever you need it with no need for a power outlet. The Click uses heavy-duty 3M tape so you can confidently install under shelves, cabinets, beds, or other hard to reach places. My husband said this set is going under the cabinet above his work bench so he has added light when he needs it to do detailed work. I'm thinking I might have to invest in a set (or two) for some added under cabinet lighting in my kitchen too!

Whether he wears a belt because he needs one, or just because he likes the look he will definitely love a belt from Anson. Anson Belt & Buckle has a different approach to belt sizing via a micro-adjustable, hole-less belt. Instead of 5 holes 1" apart as in the case of most belts, an Anson Belt has 30+ options ¼" apart, always giving you the perfect fit. Those 30+ sizing increments, or micro-adjustments are enabled due to a ratchet style track system intricately sewn into the back of the strap. The unique Anson buckle has an auto-locking mechanism that catches on the "teeth" of the track system as the strap slides through the buckle. This allows for over two dozen precise sizing options always giving him an impeccable fit.

Anson Belt offers premium full grain leather options as well as a variety of nylon, canvas and cloth straps, so you’ll be sure to find just the right belt for any need, business or casual. They also have a large range of buckles that can be interchangeable between the same size straps. My husband likes to wear a belt pretty much anytime he has on pants with belt loops so it's nice to finally find something he can wear that gives him the perfect custom fit without the custom price tag!

One of the things my son looks forward to getting each year for Christmas is his AXE Gift Pack. AXE is his favorite line of men's care products so he never complains about getting them for a gift. He says it's better than getting something he can't or won't actually use. You know like those knitted sweaters from grandma. :-)

AXE Phoenix Packs are designed to help guys refresh their senses so they can look and feel their best and include AXE Phoenix Body Wash, AXE Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, AXE Phoenix Body Spray, and travel-sized of the newest AXE Gold Body Spray.

AXE Apollo Packs combine notes of sage with cedarwood and include a combination of AXE Apollo Body Wash, AXE Apollo 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, AXE Apollo Body Spray, and travel-sized of the newest AXE Gold Body Spray.

This year fill his stocking with things he can use too like pens, RevMark markers, and pencils from Pen Company of America. I know my husband is always looking for these types of things when he's working down in the garage workshop. It never fails that he can't find a marker or his carpenter pencil when he needs it. So giving him an extra supply is the perfect gift idea. Not to mention the fact that their markers have an awesome holster cap that keeps them stored tip down all the time and clipped to your pocket for quick and easy use. In both standard and ultra fine tips he will be able to mark everything for easy cutting. And I for one am always happy to support products made right here in the USA like the products in the Pen Company of America line. They are all manufactured right in their New Jersey factory!

He'll be ready to go camping in no time with these awesome lights from Luci Lights from MPOWERD. First up is the MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights. The 100% solar string lights have an 18 ft long nylon-braided cord with 2 easy clips for attaching to a tent, RV, or fence. With 20 warm white, omni-directional LEDs, these lights can brighten any space. The lights glow for up to 20 hours on one full charge by solar power or USB.

Next up is the Luci Pro: Lux + Mobile Charging. It boasts a two-way USB port (for charging the light or your devices), 10 LED's with five settings (up to 135 lumens), dual straps for hanging, has a matte finish for a warm elegant glow, and it's waterproof. Fully charges in as little as 2 hours via USB and lasts up to 50 hrs.

Both of these are great options for any guy that needs a little extra light whether it be outdoors, or indoors.

Sometimes we have to get our guys things that might not really seem like a gift they would normally have on their Christmas list. Especially when that thing might save us from having to go out in public with them and be embarrassed. Most guys would spend their every day in the same pair of old ratty sneakers with the claim "they're comfortable", even when going out to a nice dinner vs. buying a new pair for themselves. Both of my guys are notorious for this. They would rather wear a pair until they literally fall apart before setting foot in a shoe store to find a new pair. So most of the time I end up getting them new ones for Christmas or their birthday just so I don't have to look at their old nasty shoes when we are out together. This year my husband got a really nice pair of fashion sneakers from OTBT. The Armada is OTBT's first-ever men's fashion sneaker and I have to say they did a really nice job with them. They look great with jeans and my husband said they feel pretty good on his feet too. They feature a lightweight EVA sole, genuine leather outer, memory foam padded interior with fabric lining and cotton laces. Definitely a switch for the better from his old faded ratty sneakers!

I hope these great products have helped give you some great gift giving ideas for those hard to buy for guys in in your life.
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