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Support Feed the Children with the Precious Moments Giving Plate

I don't know about you but fall is my favorite time of year. It means cooler weather, beautiful fall colors outside, and that my favorite family gathering holidays are just around the corner. Every year I like to do a little extra for friends and family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Whether it be a card with a small gift or some homemade baked goods I just like to let them know I care. This year I will be passing along this awesome Giving Plate from Precious Moments to someone with their treat. Through a special partnership a portion of sales from The Precious Moments Giving Plate will be donated towards Feed the Children through December 30, 2020. These donations are used to help eradicate childhood hunger and create a healthy foundation for children and families to break the cycle of poverty. If you ask me the plate is stunning. I actually debated keeping it for my family, but that would defeat the purpose of it. Thankfully I know just the person to pass it on to and know she will do the same with her big heart for helping others.

I did decide to do something a little different by adding my name and date to the back of the plate before passing it along. I thought it would be a neat idea so each recipient could see how many people the plate had come in contact with before they received it. And who knows maybe someday it will make its way to someone else I know and they will share it back to me.

The Precious Moments Giving Plate is more than a gift, it is a heartwarming tradition that encourages friends and loved ones to refill and pass the plate again and again. Bring this plate to your holiday gatherings to share treats and recipes with friends and family. It’s the perfect hostess item to put sweet Thanksgiving treats on, or the perfect plating backdrop for your next food recipe. The best part? You will know you are doing more than sharing food, but also giving support to children in need.
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