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Holiday Gifts for Him and/or Her

Looking for some great gift giving ideas for the holidays? Check out these awesome products I have in store for you!

As you may know I'm a big fan of using an Air Fryer to cook foods that would have been traditionally cooked in an oil fryer. The end result leaves you with foods that are much better for you and to be honest I think they even taste better. Since I use a fryer so much I've actually been on the search for one I can leave on my counter and not take up as much space as my first one did. This one from Rosewill Home is just perfect for that. It has a 3.7 quart capacity yet it's much more compact than my old fryer. I'm guessing as they have learned about the technology like many things the were able to downsize the unit on the overall. I actually passed my old fryer onto a friend with a larger kitchen so I could better utilize my limited counter space with this one.

If you entertain alot or have a really big family (or just like leftovers like us) I'm sure you'll be excited to hear about the new Crock-Pot® 8-Quart Express Crock XL Multi-Cooker. It's similar to their previous 6-quart version but it holds an additional 2 quarts of food. And if you're cooking for a large family or guests that can mean all the difference. With this bad boy you can pressure cook, slow cook, brown/sear, sauté, or steam all using one versatile appliance. It even comes with a handy recipe book to get you started if you need some added inspiration. I've already been planning some meals I can use it for when our families get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Boy will they be thinking I'm a master chef when I arrive!

Of course when it comes to my husband cooking he likes to go a totally different direction. He likes to smoke food vs. air frying or slow/pressure cooking. So this awesome unit is perfect for him. It's called the One Hour Indoor Pressure Smoker from Hammacher Schlemmer. By combining the technology of a pressure cooker with a smoker you can now safely smoke your favorite foods indoors! Perfect for those rainy (or sub-zero) days. I for one love the smell and of course the flavor of smoked foods. It just amazes me how that smoked flavor gets into the food from the wood chips in just an hour. The taste is just as good as if you'd cooked it outside for several hours in a traditional smoker - yet the time saved is so worth it. This is great for those days you forget to plan ahead and have a limited amount of time to prepare your meal. We made a whole small chicken with some onions around it last weekend and it was amazing! It comes out tasting great and so moist.

Of course if you're entertaining guests you should have a good speaker to listen to some tunes while you're hanging out. We are actually in the process of getting our backyard set up for our new hot tub so the JBL Pulse 3 Speaker is perfect for us. It's IPX7 waterproof, Bluetooth capable, features a speakerphone for answering calls, Siri and Google Now accessible, and works with the JBL Connect App for connecting additional JBL speakers and even more great features. For it's compact size it sure does blast out some great music. And the light show it provides while the music is playing is pretty awesome too. I can't wait to use it out back by the hot tub in the evenings. It's going to be pretty awesome to watch, and we won't have to worry if water splashes on it!

It's not secret that in my house we are all fans of Thirty-One. We literally have it in every room of the house. Whether it be for decoration or for organization there's at least one product in every room all the way down to my hubbies man cave. Before getting these pieces his was the only room without Thirty-One products in it. But thanks to their Charcoal Crosshatch pattern I was "allowed" to use these products to help him get his motorcycle gear all organized. It worked out great because now everything is inside a bag, organized, and dust free. And thanks to the Double Duty Caddy he has something he can store his cleaning supplies in for quick grab-and-go access. They have tons of great products and patterns that make for excellent gift giving ideas, or for a little added decor in your own home.

When I buy gifts for my husband (or other males in my life) I try to stick with things I know they will actually get some use out of. Like the Q-BEAM Blue Max Marine Spotlight and Quirky Powershell from Viatek. When I told my husband about the Q-BEAM Blue Max Marine Spotlight he was really excited. It's built for use around water so he won't have to worry about it accidentally getting wet when they are out fishing. It's equipped with a 5.5" tempered heat resistant blue trimmed glare-free glass lens, 100 watt halogen bulb that puts out 1100 Lumens of light, and an 8ft 12V cord with DC plug. And to top it off it even came with a blue waterproof nylon drawstring bag for storage when it's not being used.

The Quirky Powershell is a portable, high-powered LED light that folds into a compact clamshell casing for easy storage and protection. The weatherproof design features 3 AC outlets, built-in handle, and gripping feet to minimize sliding on smooth surfaces. It's perfect for using to work on a vehicle to get plenty of light just where you need it.
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