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5 Ghoul-Proof Halloween Pet Safety Tips:

With the doorbell ringing, kids running around in costumes, parties on every block, and candy everywhere you look, Halloween can be a busy as well as potentially frightening and stressful holiday season for you and your pets.  To keep the celebration ghoulishly fun and safe for your WHOLE family, here are 5 easy tips and precautions can make all the difference.

5 Ghoul-Proof Halloween Pet Safety Tips:

  1. Remind your friends and kids to keep all candy (especially chocolate) away from the dog. Chocolate should be avoided, as it can cause stomach irritation or if ingested in a large enough quantity, ultimately can be fatal due to a caffeine derivative (theobromine), which dogs cannot digest.  (All chocolate should be avoided, but dark chocolate is the most dangerous!)  Also, if your dog or cat ingests a candy wrapper, the plastic or waxy paper can get stuck in your pet’s digestive tract and make them ill or it can even prove fatal.  The best practice is to avoid candy or human treats all together, by providing your pet a healthy, and longer lasting alternative such as Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs from Loving Pets or waistline-friendly Nothing But Natural Gently Dried Treats for Dogs & Cats from Evanger's.

  2. When you place a lit candle inside Peter Pumpkin or Jack O'Lantern, be especially careful if you have larger breeds of dogs and/or jumping cats that can accidentally knock over a coffee table or similar with their tails when they get excited.  Not only could your pet start a fire, but they could severely burn themselves in the process.  Keep them active and in the spirit by playing with Day of the Dead goDog Sugar Skulz with Chew Guard Technology™ or for cat, the Petlinks Blinking Bat -- toys that will not only keep them engaged and busy, but that will also give them quite the fun workout.

  3. If you are going to put your dog or cat in a costume, remember to make sure they are well-ventilated and don’t cause the pet to get too hot.  Your pet’s body temperature will already be slightly higher with the excitement of the holiday festivities around them, so make sure they’re properly hydrated and always avoid any kind of mask or head piece that would impair ventilation.  Also, make sure your pet can go potty without any hindrance.

  4. Create a safe haven for your pet by keeping them inside a secure room and/or inside a crate, Original Deluxe Carrier from SHERPA or the WARE Pet's Twist 'N Go Kennel as a place your pets can feel comfortable and at ease.  Before the festivities begin, take your pet on a long walk to stretch his legs, get exercise, go potty and have fun.

  5. Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls can put even the most laidback pets on edge. Look to an all natural, calming supplemental chew such as Green Coast Pet’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Chews for Dog Peanut Butter & Full-Spectrum Hemp Chews for Cats-Whitefish, which promotes relaxation and calmness for your pet.
If your pet gets into trouble, use the Pet Poison Helpline, an animal poison control center based out of Minneapolis, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They charge a nominal $59 per incident. For more info visit: And as always, get your pet into your vet as soon as possible. 
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