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Charge wirelessly at home or away with myCharge!

Like most kids my daughter has a cell phone that she carries to school with her. It just makes it so much more convenient if she's able to text or call me if she needs to stay after school for an activity. Or if I need to let her know ahead of time I won't be home when she gets off the bus so she doesn't worry. At any rate this mom really likes the convenience of cell phones today. The only downside is like anything else battery operated there's a chance someone may forget to charge their phone overnight and it run out of juice during the day. And that's where things like the Unplugged5K wireless charging powerbank from myCharge come in handy. With this handy device my daughter can charge her phone no matter where she is - and without needing a wall outlet or even charging cables! Her phone is Qi-enabled so she can charge wirelessly. All she has to do is lay her phone on the powerbank and it will sit in her locker and charge itself. Then when she's all done toss it back in her backpack so she always has it with her at school and at home. Let me tell you it's technology at it's best when you really need it.

For me I'm home most of the day so I don't really use a portable charger as much. So the myCharge PowerDisk+ is more my style. I just plug it in next to my laptop where I do my blogging during the day and then lay my phone on top to charge. I like this much better than having to plug it in every time since it's much faster. And I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed my phone forgetting it's plugged in and go to take off with it only to yank on the charging cable. Not good for my phone or the charging cable. With the PowerDisk+ I no longer have that issue. It's also great for having next to the bed on my night stand because if my phone rings at night I can just grab it up and again not worry about the cable. It even has an extra USB port on the side so you can charge a second device at the same time that might not have the Qi-enabled charging capabilities.

Powering your phone is simple with the Unplugged5K wireless charging portable powerbank. Extend talk, text and browse with the 5000mAh rechargeable battery that is certified to Qi standard. and can power any Qi-enabled smartphone with its 5-Watt wireless output. Leave your cords behind and simply place any Qi-enabled smartphone on the surface of the powerbank and the smartphone will begin charging on contact. This portable charger gives you the ability to charge 2 devices at once, charge one device via the built-in USB-A port and charge another device wirelessly.

The PowerDisk+ offers the fastest wireless charge available. This high-end charging pad is optimized to charge wireless devices quickly, delivering up to 10 Watts of wireless output. The 18 Watt adapter is complete with Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge. Set your wireless-enabled smartphone on the secure non-slip base and charging begins on contact. The grip keeps your device in place and continually charging. Charge up to two devices with the bonus USB port on the wireless charging pad.

Buy it: You can find these and other charging devices on the myCharge website.

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