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Z-FAST: A Simple, Proven Method of Intermittent Fasting

I've been dabbling with a few different ways to boost into loosing some weight so I figured why not give fasting a try. I've done some diets before and after I've come off of them always ended up gaining the weight back. And anyone that's tried a diet knows that's usually how it goes. You kind of have to stay on them forever if that's the choice you make. So far I've made it about half way through this book and I'm just in awe of the amount of useful information I've learned. And honestly it all makes sense. Finally someone is honest and upfront with the truth and isn't just feeding us full of fad diet crap. If you've struggled with dieting in the past in any form I encourage you to check out this book. Even if you decide fasting isn't the right choice for you it's still full of useful information you'll be glad to have learned.

Learn more about Z-FAST from the author John Zehren
Fasting for weight loss is the cure for the avalanche of bad yo-yo diets, fads, pills, programs, equipment, and machines that offer empty promises to life-long weight loss. Author John Zehren's new book, Z-FAST: A Simple, Proven Method of Intermittent Fasting describes his new program for periodically skipping meals to help dieters win the battle against weight gain. Portioning, long hourly workouts, calorie counting, special meal programs, and massive weight loss fads do not work.  Zehren offers compelling evidence why Z-Fast is truly revolutionary for life long weight loss when other methods fail.

“We are eating ourselves to death. The human body was not made for continuous feeding. The American way of cramming fridges with junk food and and continuously eating ridiculously high caloric foods is why the number one cause of death in America is heart disease,” Zehren says. “The costless cure for bad health is fasting.” The Z-FAST is a direct intervention and a costless cure for obesity. The National Institute of Health says that 2/3 of all weight loss experienced by dieters will be put back on within one year, and 1/3 of all dieters will weigh more than when they started. Mr. Zehren’s methods have allowed him to maintain his weight for eight years after a failed five-year weight battle with multiple fad diets. Zehren states, “The Z-FAST methodology was the only program that guaranteed initial weight loss for me and allowed me to keep it off for nearly a decade. Diets didn't work. On top of that: I had no time to exercise, no time to diet. I only had time not to eat.”

Z-FAST is a practical approach to weight loss consisting of a simple formula where skipping meals several times per month helps dieters achieve life-changing results. Z-FAST chronicles the newly discovered health-boosting benefits of intermittent fasting. Stored fat is burned, and the reduced caloric intake results in weight loss while shrinking the stomach muscle. There is substantial evidence of improved heart health for fasters, and regular fasting and better heart health is linked to the way the body metabolizes cholesterol and sugar. Fasting reduces the risk of weight gain and the potential to develop diabetes (two known risk factors for heart disease), while lowering blood insulin and blood pressure and increasing metabolism.

About John Zehren
John graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. For more than 35 years, he has been employed in the medical and healthcare fields working to bring new cures, and FDA approved technologies to the market, specializing in the heart and brain.  Currently, John is the North American Vice President of Sales for the Neurovascular Division of a major American healthcare company.  As a busy medical device executive who has a demanding career, John has discovered the secrets to what it takes to live a vibrant and full life. John has been happily married for over 26 years, has raised three daughters with his wife, and enjoys living in Southern California as an avid surfer. John is often described by those who know him best as an innovator, highly motivated, fun-spirited and someone who never takes “No” for an answer. After being asked about a million times how he manages to stay so fit, author John Zehren decided to share his passion for living life to the fullest and disclose a secret he has discovered. John found that using the methods of Z-FAST allows him to maintain excellent health both physically and mentally.

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