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Thermacell keeps mosquitoes and ticks at bay

I'm sure you've probably already heard that West Nile, Triple E and now Lyme, vector borne illnesses are thriving. Mosquitoes and even ticks are becoming a real problem everywhere. You don't have to live in the country to be affected by them either. I've heard stories of people finding ticks on themselves and saying they were no where near the country so how could they get a tick. But then they go on to tell of taking their dog to the park for a jog. I can just imagine that park probably had some trees and a nice breeding area for ticks too. If you're like me and probably thousands of others out there you're tired of using nasty smelling sprays to ward off those pesky mosquitoes and ticks. I for one prefer a different method. I prefer to use our Thermacell products. We've been using them for years and honestly I firmly stand behind them. If I'm going to be outside for more than a few minutes I usually grab my Portable Thermacell and take it with me wherever I'm going. I'm not going to chance letting those mosquitoes bite, and possibly infect me. I recently received their new Patio Shield Repeller and am really excited to have it for using when we sit out back and eat when we cook out. It looks much nicer sitting on the table than my portable unit laying there. And since it comes in different colors it actually looks like a nice decorative piece rather than a mosquito repeller. I also received a box of their new Tick Control Tubes which had me even more excited beings we live in the country with woods all the way around our property. Knock on wood I've never had a tick on me yet, but I have found them on our pets and my husband has found them on his clothes after doing extensive yard work before. So I do know they are out there lurking in the shadows. But beware ticks your days are numbered...or at least they were numbered, they might be up now that the tubes have been spread through out the property. I have to say I love the Tick Tubes because all you have to do is lay them out. No opening them up and spreading chemicals or anything!

Revolutionary products by Thermacell Repellent Inc., are changing the landscape of the repellent industry by offering non-topical mosquito repellent options. EPA registered for proven efficacy and safety, all Thermacells keep you from being bugged when trying to enjoy the outdoors by providing portable, scent-free and powerful mosquito protection. Thermacell’s Tick Tubes work with nature to rid your yard of ticks.

Patio Shield Repeller
• Repels mosquitoes in a 15-foot-by-15-foot zone of protection in minutes
• Silent, virtually odor-free, no open flame
• Use Thermacell butane cartridge refills for mosquito repellent function; each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours
• Includes 3 mats providing 12 total hours of repellency (4 hours each)
• Available in 5 colors; MSRP $24.99

Thermacell Tick Solution
Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the no-spray, easy way to kill deer ticks and prevent them from spreading Lyme disease and Powassan virus to your pets and family members.

• Controls ticks that may carry Lyme Disease
• Kills ticks early in their life cycle
• Reduces tick populations up to 90%

Quick to Apply
• Apply to yard in under 10 minutes
• No set-up or clean-up
• Only 2 applications needed a year; spring and summer

Targeted Solution
• Targets ticks, not friendly insects
• Reduces ticks without spraying the yard
• Affordable - 2 applications for a ¼ acre lot costs $50/yr.

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