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Lots of Fur Baby Love from Worldwise

My valued friends over at Worldwise, the makers of innovative brands of pet toys and gear, such as goDog®, Hear Doggy!, Petlinks®,  TrustyPup®, SHERPA® and SmartyKat® sent me an awesome assortment of toys for my fur babies to enjoy this summer. And I do mean AWESOME! They sent Java a super soft plush bed - which I'm not sure who loves more her or the cats. I've seen them both using it so I would say it's equally loved by both. And they sent her a nice assortment of toys. Some a little on the crazy noisy side like the goDog® Retrieval Sonic Stick (it lights up and makes crazy sounds) and some that are noise free like the ones from Hear Doggy! Honestly Java has not preference she plays with them all.

The cats on the other hand didn't get quite as lucky this go round. They only got a scratching pad and one toy. They do love them both, but I still think they might like Java's bed just a little more. Maybe next time there might be a few more choices for them. Considering there are three of them to just one of Java I think they might need a little more than she does.
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