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GoodCook® Bakeware - it's time for an upgrade!

Next time you think of bakeware I want you to think of the words "good cook". And then I want you to remember GoodCook® Bakeware just like I do now that I've had the opportunity to use my new GoodCook® Bakeware pans. I actually put my old pans in the recycle bin after I used these. Seriously! I didn't ship them off to the garage sale pile, or the thrift shop down the road they went right in the recycle bin where they belonged. No one deserved to go through the trouble I did burning cookies and scraping them off those old cookie sheets. With my new GoodCook® pans my cookies come out perfect every time, and slide off the pan like they are supposed to. I don't know why I was torturing myself before.

The folks over at at the GoodCook® company want all of us "good cooks" to always think of ourselves as just that good cooks. Whether we are ladies or gentlemen, moms or dads (or even kids) we all deserve that title and to feel like a good cook in the kitchen. There's nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into a meal and having it ruined because it burned or stuck to the bottom of the pan. When it's time to let go (and trust me I've now learned when it's that time) it's time to let go. You won't be sorry. Make that leap and move on to GoodCook® bakeware you won't be sorry!

About GoodCook®
Since 1987 when GoodCook® started as a brand, we have been all about quality, value and service. Our kitchenware products can be found in over 30,000 retail outlets throughout the United States, making GoodCook® the leader in the grocery and drugstore trade with more than 43% of the market.

Our company behind the brand is Bradshaw International, first established in 1969 as an importer of seasonal housewares. Bradshaw has always had a reputation for delivering quality products at competitive prices, while continuing to maintain a high standard of customer service. The company’s aggressive growth has placed it at the top of the kitchen gadget industry, with millions in annual sales worldwide. Today Bradshaw International also markets bakeware, cookware, barware, food storage and tabletop items under the GoodCook® brand. We also own or are in partnership with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Bialetti, Emeril Lagasse, T-fal, Black+Decker, Mr. Clean, Bonny, Butler, and more. Chances are you have seen our products at your local supermarket or drug store where you shop, or at many of the large retail chains that offer quality products for the home kitchen. As GoodCook® continues to grow, we look forward to making your cooking life easier and more enjoyable.

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