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Design your own purse with Studio Thirty-One

Have you ever wished you could design your own purse when flipping through a catalog or shopping online? Well now you can! Right on the Thirty-One website with Studio Thirty-One. With all of the options available the possibilities are endless. And even after you've designed you're purse you aren't stuck with using it the way you order it because you can always go back and order more flaps, straps, and bodies! Ready to learn more? Then keep scrolling.......

You start of choosing either the classic or modern body style. Both have a full sized pocket that has a magnetic closure and a smaller pocket perfect for a cell phone or keys. And both have an interior zipper pocket and two flat pockets. Honestly the only difference is the size.

Classic body dimensions: 8.5" H x 12" L x 2.5" D
Modern body dimensions: 12.25" H x 12.5" L x 2" D

Once you've chosen your body style you'll need to pick out your flap (or flaps if you can't decided on just one to start with) and if you want personalization. The nice part about ordering online is that you can use the personalize tool to get a good idea of how your personalization will look on your flap before you order. It definitely helps with visualization for colors. I did a couple flaps with personalization and one without for variety. As you can hopefully see at the top of each flap is half of a zipper. The other half is on the purse body. That's how you connect and change out the flaps. Once attached the flaps also have magnets that keep them flat to the front of the purse so your belongings inside are secured.

And once you've finished up your flaps it's time to pick out straps. Honestly I never knew that would be so hard either. Not only do you have to pick colors you also have to decided if you want them to be crossbody or shoulder straps. Crossbody straps are 54" long whereas shoulder straps are only 23" long. So you have to decide how you plan to carry your purse. For me that depends on WHERE I'm carrying my purse. When I go certain places I like to carry my purse across my body because it makes me feel safer. So I usually go with the crossbody straps and just shorten them up if I want to use it as a shoulder strap. All straps have metal clasps at each end that allow you to clip them on and off of your purse body. They hold securely to the purse so you don't ever have to worry about them accidentally coming off.

It doesn't mater if you match your straps and flaps to your purse body or prefer to have them in contrasting colors Thirty-One has something that will fit your personal style. I got these before they added a bunch more excited colors to their line up. Now they have a black and coral body as well as many more flaps and straps to choose from. Guess that just means this gal needs to go shopping again!

And just in case you were wondering they even have wallets that match several of the purse flaps too!

If you ever have questions don't hesitate to reach out I will always do my best to answer anything I can, or find the answers if I don't know them.

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