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V8® Original and V8 +Energy®

I've been a fan of V8® for as long as I can remember. My favorite way to enjoy it is poured over a glass of crushed ice. I've found that it's a great way for me to get in that extra serving of vegetables I might miss when I'm busy on the go and don't eat at home. Plus I really just like the smooth vegetable juice flavor. Speaking of flavor if you've never tried any of the V8 +Energy® beverages I would recommend that you give them a shot. They even provide one combined serving of veggies and fruit and a steady supply of energy from the green tea. I like to call them my "keeps me going" drink of choice when I know I have a busy day ahead. They come in a wide variety of flavor blends as well as regular, sparkling, and diet versions. I for one prefer the regular as I'm not big on sparkling drinks. Plus I like that they have so many flavor blends to choose from so I'm not stuck with one if I get tired of it. Of all the ones I've tried the strawberry banana is probably my favorite so far. I really like the flavor of the blend and it's perfect right out of the can or over ice either one.

V8® Original is a uniquely satisfying snack made from 100% vegetable juice; perfect for on-the-go snacking or post-workout replenishment.

Benefits include:
• Helps the body recover post-exercise with electrolytes for replenishment
• Convenient snack with as much potassium as a small banana
• No sugar added and only 30 calories in each 5.5 oz can
• 1 full serving of vegetables
• A good source of antioxidant Vitamins A & C and 11 mg of lycopene
• Non-GMO, gluten free, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

V8 +Energy® gives you the Steady Energy you need so you can feel good about life’s little moments.

Benefits include:
• Steady energy from green tea
• No sugar added
• 60 calories or less
• 1 combined serving of veggies and fruit
• Non GMO, no artificial flavors or synthetic colors
• 80 milligrams of natural caffeine from green tea

No matter which you choose (or even if you choose both) you won't be disappointed when it comes to V8® Original and V8 +Energy®.

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