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The Ninja Coffee Bar® System

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System is more than just a coffee maker, it's a coffee system that provides you with a variety of brew types and sizes, a built-in frother and so much more. When I took it out of the package I swear I heard that music you hear on TV when a big reveal is made (you know that da-dum). Okay so maybe I didn't really hear any special music, but I sure felt special. I was finally going to be able to toss out that old coffee maker that not longer kept accurate time. And that single brew coffee maker that was honestly taking up space on my counter I wanted back. With the Ninja Coffee Bar® System I have it all wrapped up in one machine. I can brew anywhere from a single mug of coffee all the way up to a full put just by turning a dial. That's six different sizes I can choose from! It even has a handy little fold down platform for your mugs so the coffee doesn't splatter all over as it fills the cup. I like that I can make myself a single cup of specialty coffee in the mornings and later in the day use the carafe to make my husband a whole pot for work all from the same unit.

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System includes a 10-Cup (50 oz.) Glass Carafe, Built-In Frother, Ninja Smart Scoop™, Permanent Reusable Filter, Removable Water Reservoir, Ninja XL™ Hot & Cold Multi-Serve Tumbler (not shown), and a handy 20-Recipe Inspiration Guide. I love that it came with a recipe guide because it has helped me learn how to make some really good specialty blends. No more running to buy expensive coffee beverages for me!

With the Ninja Coffee Bar® System you can create all of these brews:
Classic Brew provides a smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee
Rich Brew’s intense flavor stands up to milk, creamers, and flavorings
Over Ice Brew makes the perfect iced coffee that never tastes watered-down.
Cafe Forte is a robust cupful of complex flavors, bringing out the nuances of your coffee for a full-bodied gourmet experience.
Specialty Brew is a super-rich concentrate that can be combined with frothed milk to create bold, decadent coffeehouse-style drinks—hot or cold, layered or blended.

This thing is so smart it even notifies you when it needs to be cleaned! Now that's something this mom can get excited about. One less thing I have to put on a calendar or try to remember.

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you haven't gotten anything for that special mom, or mom-figure in your life I would highly recommend Ninja Coffee Bar® System. I promise you'll make her day!

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