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ZAQ Sky - Projector & Aroma Diffuser

Even though my daughter is in middle school now she still likes to have some sort of light on when she goes to bed. She says it helps her to relax. She also likes to use my essential oils for relaxing at night so I thought this ZAQ Sky Diffuser would be a great solution for her. A way to have a “night light” so to speak without it actually being called a night light. The Sky Diffuser projects a multi-color starry night light show (with five scene options) on the ceiling while it diffuses your favorite essential oils into the air. I really like that the diffuser is mostly flat so I don’t have to worry her cats may knock it off her dresser like the other kinds that are upright.

The Sky diffuser features a humidifier which helps keep the air from getting too dry in the winter causing uncomfortable breathing. This is great for us because we heat our home mostly with a wood burning stove which can dry out the air fast. It also has a built-in air purifier and ionizer claims to remove dust, allergens, germs, stale air, and odors.

The Sky diffuser is available in blue, yellow, pink, and white so you can choose one that will fit with any current d├ęcor. They also carry a wide variety of other diffusers as well as accessories and essential oils for use in them.

About them: ZAQ believes any environment can be transformed into a sanctuary of tranquility, and they pride themselves on the craftsmanship of their products. Each aromatic diffuser is compact, energy-efficient, and built with durable materials designed to nurture relaxation, creativity, and comfort for many years. They keep aromatherapy simple. It’s a therapeutic art that is meant to help you find your center, de-stress and focus on your goals. Their search for simplicity also led them to their name, ZAQ – short and memorable, like their product range of simple, elegant diffusers.

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