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Women’s Pampa Sandals from SAS

Thanks to the friendly people over at SAS Shoes I received a really nice pair of complementary shoes to try out just in time for the warmer weather to hit. Once it gets about 60 you will find me in sandals pretty much every day. So I’m always on the look out for a pair that will be comfortable to wear all day and looks good too. This pair of Women’s Pampa sandals in chocolate just happens to be both. The have a nice soft insole that’s covered in super suede. I really like how it feels on my feet! They have adjustable buckles around the ankle area and the bride of your foot. This is nice because I’ve had other sandals stretch out around the top of my foot after lots of wear and now I can just tighten them up there. I like being able to have them fit snug against my feet so they don’t slide around and the straps rub my feet. The footbed has plenty of cushion with three areas of pressure points; the inside ball, outside ball, and the heel. They felt a little different at first, but after wearing them all day I really liked the way they felt. They may be a little higher in price than I would normally spend on sandals, but if you’re looking for a good quality pair then the higher price is what you’ll want. They are good quality sandals, not your high production sandals that you’d find in a big box store. I would much rather spend a little extra on a pair like this that both looks and feels good on my feet knowing they are going to last then on cheap shoes I’ll have to replace multiple times in one summer. If it’s quality you seek it’s SAS Shoes you’re looking for!

Initial fit should allow the foot to settle naturally into the sandal's foot bed so your foot sits inside the edge of the foot bed all the way around. Adjustable front buckle plus an elasticated back buckle adjustment provide a comfortable fit. Padded toe post loop holds the foot in place.

Multi-Layered Tripad® Comfort: Our multi-layered insole provides superior comfort to compliment the comfort of the Tripad® footbed to cushion the three pressure points of your foot: the inside ball, outside ball, and the heel.

Broad, Contoured Footbed: Our broad contoured footbed with a soft Super Suede™ cover is molded in SAS Everbounce™ material so the natural arches and curves of your foot are cradled in the sandal. This allows you to maximize the shock absorbing qualities of multi-layers of comfort.

SAS Foot-Shape® Last: This special last follows the natural shape and contour of your foot, providing all-day comfort.

SAS All Day Comfort Sole: The wide sole base provides increased stability and maximum shock absorbency. This feature, along with the contoured footbed and multi-layered insole, works to "rebound" every step and provide you with all-day cushioned comfort.

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