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Wise Owl Outfitters

It's finally starting to warm up outside, so it's time go get outside and to enjoy the great outdoors. My boys both like to camp out when they are turkey hunting and this year they decided to do it a little different since I got them some new gear from Wise Owl Outfitters. They are camping out hammock style. It keeps them up off the ground (which is still a bit chilly at night) so really it’s a great way to go. Hammocks from Wise Owl Outfitters come with everything you need to hang them so you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra supplies before you head out either. Just hang between two trees and you're ready to lounge around for the afternoon, or even take a long nap!

They even have supplies to help you be prepared for the battle against bugs and possibly Mother Nature dropping something from the sky on you (like rain). Just pair up those hammocks with a Rain Fly Tarp and Hammock Bug Net and you’ll be ready for anything that may come buzzing around or fall from the sky!

My husband really likes that all of their products come in small drawstring bags so they are super easy to store, and to carry in a backpack without taking up much space. He tucked all three of them in the bottom of his backpack and still had plenty of room for the other stuff he needed.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy hammock for an upcoming camping trip or an inflatable lounger for a music festival in the park Wise Owl Outfitters has you covered. Their products are less expensive than other retailers out there but make no mistake they make top of the line high quality gear that they think you will love; in fact these prices are intentional.

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