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Maui Flip Flops from Okabashi

With spring (hopefully) about to finally peek out from behind those clouds it's time for me to break out my sandals. I'm one that wears something on my feet pretty much from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. I just have never been one to go barefoot. With cats, a dog, and kids I would rather have something on my feet then step on who knows what that gets drug in from outside. So I'm always on the look out for a good, comfortable pair of slip-on sandals to wear around the house. I recently received a pair of Maui Flip Flops from Okabashi. Right off I noticed that they aren't your typical "cheap" flip flops. They have a nice thick foot-bed and wide strap that goes across the top of your foot. I really like this feature because my old tired feet needs the added cushion. I can't wear those cheap next to nothing flip flops that barely keep your feet off the ground. The Maui flip flop even has a cute flora design on the insole too. I normally wear a pair of slip on sandals vs. flip flops as many times the part that goes between your toes rubs and leaves me uncomfortable. I wore these a couple times when we had a few warm spells and so far I haven't had that problem though. So hopefully when I go to wearing them full time they will be just as good. Of course if not my daughter has already staked her claim on them. She's done had them on a few times herself too...even when it's been cold out. So I guess either way they will definitely get their fill of being worn.

Okabashi has been family owned and operated in the United States for more than 30 years. Since 1984, we have set ourselves apart from other major footwear manufacturers by focusing on what footwear was originally meant to be— true protection and support for your feet. Today, more than 98% of American-worn footwear is made abroad as more and more manufactures seek out cheap labor and cheap materials overseas. Okabashi is proud to be in that remaining 2%. Not just some, but our entire footwear collection is made in America — from start to finish. We employ more than 200 people in our Buford, Georgia factory & headquarters, providing jobs and financial growth to the local economy.

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