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Filly Royale from Whatnot Toys

We've been a fan of the Whatnot Toys brand for some time now. You may even recall my previous review for their Kitty Club and Zomlings lines. We recently received some products from their Filly Royale line and are just as pleased with them as we were with the previous lines we received.

About Filly Royale!
Follow the Filly Rainbow and you will find the most amazing magical Filly World called Royalia. Here lives the Filly Royale with beautiful tails in all colors that you can imagine. They live in families which have their own color of crowns with magical crystals. That is why the family is named after the crystal.

The most special is Princess Rainbow because she has a long, rainbow tail. She lives in the most fantastic Rainbow Tower. Here, Princess Rainbow invites all her Filly Royale friends to a grand ball. She sends out a magical crystal wand for hair-styling as invitation. Before the party starts, all the Filly Royale meet in the dressing tower where they style up their tails for the party. When they are ready, they walk over the rainbow bridge to the party tower. Every night, a hair-styling competition is held and Princess Rainbow gives the winner a special hair-clip with one of her favorite magic crystals. Come and celebrate with Princess Rainbow and join the Filly Royale.

If your little one (or one you know) likes ponies they are sure to love the Filly Royale line. My daughter likes them because they are small and don't take up a lot of room in her small bedroom. She can keep the play sets as well as the ponies all together in one container and pull them out as she wants to play with them. Plus they are fun to take on the go because they will fit in a little purse too. Great for back seat entertainment during a long afternoon of running errands!

Visit the online retailer search page to find out where you can get your Filly Royale toys today!

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