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Chewy for Small Animals #ChewyInfluencer

No matter how small even our littlest pets need love too. My daughter has two small animal cages that she has set up for her gerbils. She wanted to make sure they had plenty of room to roam both together and separately. So there's plenty of room for fun things like this Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout. It's the perfect place for them to go and "hide" to get a little shut eye, or just some down time to chill. The mini igloos are the perfect size for small animals to crawl in and out of with no trouble. And they can fill it as full as they like with their bedding giving them a place to feel safe and cozy.

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout
Your furry friend doesn’t have to endure the freezing snow and ice to enjoy the warmth and comfort of his very own Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideout. This cute, cozy hideout encourages his natural nesting instincts be providing him with a safe place to get away and nap in quiet seclusion. It's made of durable translucent plastic that's easy to clean, and features air vents for proper circulation to maintain ideal safety and comfort. With four sizes available, there’s an igloo that’s just right for almost every fur baby from the most minuscule mouse to the chubbiest chinchilla.

Another great way to show your little pets you love them is with a special treat like CareFresh Timothy Hay Small Animal Food. It's a great add-on for their meal that's nutritious for them and a treat at the same time. It also helps to maintain their ever-growing teeth because it's harder to wear down and takes them a bit longer to chew. It's a lot of fun to watch gerbils eat it too. I love how they hold the hay strands in their tiny paws and how their cheeks twitch as they eat.

CareFresh Timothy Hay Small Animal Food
Give your small animal an all-natural, nutritious hay-based meal with CareFresh Timothy Hay Small Animal Food. CareFresh uses only the first cuts of 100% fresh Timothy hay from the rich soil of Eastern Washington for the perfect ratio of protein, fiber and fat. It's harder to wear down than other cuts, which makes it ideal for helping to clean and maintain your small mammal's ever-growing teeth. With 30% fiber content, CareFresh Timothy Hay helps maintain good digestive health by allowing your pet to digest their food more efficiently.

You can find these and other small animal products on the website.

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