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Pain Relief from Sacred Mind & Body

As I'm sure you already know hemp oil products are becoming more and more popular, and more widely available. They are a way to help relieve problems such as pain in a more natural way. The fine folks over at Sacred Mind & Body sent me a nice assortment of their hemp oil infused products to try out and see for myself how they work. I was actually really excited about this as I have super bad PMS cramps and one of the samples they sent is their PMS Relief Lotion. I haven't had the opportunity to try that particular sample out yet (gotta wait for the right time if you know what I mean) but I have tried a couple of the other products they sent over. I really like their Therapeutic Relief Lotion and Balm. I've been having some troubles with my right knee getting stiff when I sleep at night and it hurting like heck to move to either bend or straighten out depending on what way it has been when the pain started. To try out the product I put it on my knee all the way around before bedtime. As a result I didn't have any problems with my knee getting stiff or having trouble bending or unbending it through out the night or in the morning. I felt like it really did help whatever the problem was inside of my knee. So for me I would say yes this stuff works. Of course the real test will be when I can finally try out their PMS Relief Lotion when I'm having a bad spell of cramps. But in the meantime I'm really enjoying their other products so far and will probably be looking at purchasing some more once my samples run out.

Sacred was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to natural, high quality products when it comes to caring for your body. Our products, including Pain Balm and Pain Relief Lotion, are 100% pure with nothing unnatural ever added and no rich nutrients ever taken away. Each product is created with essential oils and hemp oil, both offering healing effects. We’ve invested years in developing our products that were created to make you feel like you can escape to the spa in your own home. Each and every one of our products not only promotes soft skin, but they also stimulate circulation, promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and tease toxins out of your body. Those are just a few of the benefits our products offer. Since the beginning, Sacred has been built on our two core values: purity of product and customer experience. Our belief in the highest quality possible is what differentiates our hemp oil products from similar THC free products on the market. Our unique selection of ingredients creates natural products that you will love and are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

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