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Craft Room Make-Over with Thirty-One: Part One

Thank you for joining me in this three part series featuring a make-over of my new craft room! After clearing off lots of unorganized pictures and trinkets off the wall I was finally able to start making the room mine! I had my husband hang two shelves and a pegboard to help me with my quest to get things organized and easy to use. First up I am going to be featuring some awesome products from Thirty-One that have helped me get some things I don't use very often packed up and out of the way. There's no reason to clutter up your work space with things you don't use very often. So pack them up and get them out of the way!

Thirty-One has all sorts of products that are perfect for helping get those barely used things up and out of the way. By using a variety of products from their line I was able to get lots of stuff packed up and out of my way. I even used my super sweet ice cream Deluxe Utility Tote to hold probably 50ish balls of yarn. I'm sure you're wondering how right? I used vacuum bags to shrink them all down then stacked the bags inside of the tote. Now all my yarn is safe and clean, and out of the way until I need it for future projects. Beside the utility tote is a Your Way Cube with lid and Mini Storage Bin. Both great for storing bulk items. Plus the cube has a fun chalkboard surface so you can list the contents inside.

On the second shelf from left to right are the Your Way Rectangle with lid (also featuring the chalkboard surface), Double Duty Caddy, Fold N' File, and Your Way Display Bin. The Your Way Rectangle with lid is another great place to store things up and out of the way. I'm using mine to store my extra Cricut cartridge cases so they are all in a nice row for me to easily look through them. And the added lid keeps them dust free. I love using the Double Duty Caddy for crafting projects and all of their accessories. This one has our wood burning kit as well as other tools we need when we craft on wood surfaces. The Fold N' File is another favorite of mine. The handle in the middle makes it easy to carry around and the outside mesh pocket gives me easy access to smaller things. I'm thinking I'm going to use this one to store "in the works" yarn projects. It's big enough to hold my yarn and the project as I'm working on it. And the outside pocket can hold my hooks, scissors, and other necessities. And finally the Your Way Display Bin. I'm letting my daughter use it to store her new craft kits. The boxes fit perfectly inside of it and we can still see what all kits she has at a quick glance for her to pick one to work on.

It honestly amazed me how much I was able to pack up and move out of my way and I haven't even filled all of my Thirty-One products yet. You can really do a lot more with space like two shelves when you have the right tools. Rather than just randomly stacking things you can sort them and make them easily accessible. And make it look good too while you're at it!

Make sure you keep an eye out for part two where I'll be showing you how to utilize that empty pegboard!

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