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Get Creative with Origami

I can remember growing up how much fun I had using those little squares of colored paper to make fun shapes/animals. I honestly have no idea what my fascination was with them, but I would have little animals all lined up on my dresser when I was done. Fast forward to now and I still enjoy making those little animals - but now with my daughter! She's not quite as into them as I am because she easily gets frustrated when things don't turn out as perfect as she thinks they should be. But I'm trying to use it as a learning experience for her and show her that no matter how it turns out it's unique. Honestly no two pieces are ever exactly the same when it comes to paper-folding crafts. And maybe that's what I like so much about them.

Whether you're a seasoned origami expert, or just starting out Dover Publications has a really nice array of origami books and kits. I like the kits because they come with the paper as well as some other fun things like stickers to further decorate your creations.

My Origami Ocean Kit
Kids will love to dive into the craft of paper-folding with this big boxed set of fun-filled projects! A full-color book is loaded with step-by-step instructions for making a turtle, shark, and eight other sea creatures. Plus, there's a poster of marine scenery to help bring the models to life and 60 sheets of pre-printed origami paper including a variety tailor made for finger puppets.

Dogs in Origami
Origami master John Montroll pays tribute to man's best friend with this guide to creating origami dogs. Suitable for folders of intermediate to advanced skills, the book presents step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs for each model. More than two dozen breeds range from the familiar Beagle, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Boxer, and Lab to the more exotic Basenji, Akita, Otterhound, and Bernese Mountain Dog. Internationally renowned author John Montroll has significantly increased the origami repertoire with his original designs. Best known as the inspiration behind the single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach,

My Origami Garden Kit
This activity-packed set will help plant the seeds of creativity in boys and girls! Inside is a 64-page book that features instructions for folding 12 different models, from butterflies to flowers. Plus, 90 high-quality stickers make it easy to customize each creation. And that's not all: 72 pre-printed sheets of origami paper are also included — many are perfect for coloring.

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