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Vivitar Air Defender X Camera Drone

My son has been begging for a drone ever since they first came out. You know back when they were hundreds of dollars and only the military and rich people could afford them. Thankfully like other electronics after a bit of time they too have evolved into more average consumer friendly versions and prices. So this year for Christmas I can finally surprise him with the drone he's always wanted.

The Air Defender X Camera Drone from Vivitar will give him everything he wanted and more. He will be able to fly during the day and the night with it's 32 LED lights, and even do some fun tricks by flipping the drone during flight. All this from the palm of his hands using the Wi-Fi remote and his phone. I'm sure he will be recording all sorts of fun things around our house with all of the animals we have outside. I can already see him following along behind the chickens to see how they act having a drone following them! And with the short 2-hour recharge time he will be up and running in no time.

Vivitar’s DRC-333 Air Defender X Camera Drone captures your flight, while ensuring smooth, steady footage. Two integrated LiPo batteries that deliver 5 to 7 minutes of flight time per charge, an easy-to-use radio transmitter with multi-directional controls, and the ability to hover, flip and fly upside down allow for all sorts of fun! With a built-in Micro SD slot, a flight range at 200 meters, a 120-minute recharge time and 32 LED's wrapping around the entire unit allow for glow-in-the-dark fun. Also, included is on-board WiFi, a controller with a bracket for holding a smartphone, and a companion smartphone app enabling users to have a real-time, birds’-eye view of whatever the camera is seeing.

If you're on the edge about what you should get someone for Christmas I would say head on over to the VIVITAR website and browse around. If a Drone isn't the best choice I bet something else from their website is!

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