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Shark® IONFlex™ 2X DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

I recently introduced a new Shark vacuum to my household, the Shark® IONFlex™ 2X DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. And I have to say it's such a hit that both of my kids have been caught using it without being asked! It's like every mother's dream come true. It's so easy to use that neither one of them minds doing the vacuuming now. My daughter loves it because it's cordless so she doesn't have to worry about plugging it in an outlet to use it. My son loves it because he can use it to quickly clean up the messes he tracks into the house before he gets yelled at. And this mom loves it because it's such a hit with the kids. Okay so that's not the only reason. Honestly it's the most amazing vacuum I've ever owned. Instead of having a big canister or body it has the motor at the top of the handle. And honestly it's not really even that heavy up there. And with nothing extra around the head of the vacuum I'm able to easily sweep under tables and chairs. Well that paired with it's ability to flex half way down the handle. This thing is so convenient to use and it fits in places none of my other vacuums ever have.

If you are in the market for a quality cordless vacuum this one is your best choice by far. Yes it's a bit more pricey than other cordless vacuums, but that's because it has a quality battery that gives it the power it needs to actually pick up the messes. I've had numerous other rechargeable vacuums and none of them can even come close to doing the job this one does. I would say it's just as good at picking up messes as a corded vacuum, and to say that is a pretty big deal. The vacuum I got has a second battery so I always have one on the dock as a back-up ready to use if I'm doing a full-house cleaning. I also like that the vacuum folds in half for storage so it doesn't really take up much space in the corner of my kitchen. It works great on both hardwood and carpeted surfaces and picks up pet hair like a champ! So well I had to empty it multiple times the first time I used it on my living room rug. With the included attachments you can clean those hard to reach corners, and even under your stove with little effort. When using the vacuum as a hand vac it's not so heavy that your arms get tired using it either. Perfect for taking out and cleaning the seats of your car after a messy snack!

The Shark® IONFlex™ 2X DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum is a Freestanding Cord-Free™ vacuum that can live anywhere so you get Hassle-Free Runtime™ with the advanced cleaning power of DuoClean® technology.

Features include:
• 2X ION Power Pack System includes a second removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a charging dock. With the included second battery, users can always be charging one while they can clean with the other.
• MultiFLEX™ Technology: Bends for flexible reach while cleaning and folds over for freestanding, compact storage.
• DuoClean® Technology features a bristle brush to deep-clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look.
• The IONFlex™ easily transforms into a hand vac, providing the ultimate in cleaning versatility with a wide range of available accessories.

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