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MagnetPAL and GrabbitSTICK

Are you one of those people that sits your keys down in a different place every time you get home? And for that matter the same person that can't ever remember where it was you left them last? Well then I have a super simple solution for you. Place a MagnetPAL on your key ring and the problem is solved. MagnetPAL, the most powerful magnet, will allow you to hang your keys on the metal screw in the face-plate of the light switch by the door. Problem solved, you'll always know where your keys are every time!

One problem solved, now how about another? Have you ever dropped your keys between the seats of your car? I know I sure have, and scratched my hand all up trying to reach it and pull it out. Guess what? I have another solution for you. It's called the GrabbitSTICK. With the GrabbitSTICK you get to use that super strong MagnetPAL to pick up those hard to reach things you drop, like your keys with little effort. It has a telescopic handle that allows you to reach places that are hard for your hands to reach on their own.

This MagnetPAL has 101 uses, here are the top five:
#1 - Hang spare keys on light switch faceplate
#2 - Find stud fasters behind paint and drywall
#3 - Put one in your tool belt to hold screws or nails
#4 - Secure blueprints to any metal surface on jobsit
#5 - Clean up metal shavings in your workshop

See some of them in action here:

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