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Beam n Read: The Best Portable, Personal Light

Are you one of the millions of people that read or play on your cell phone in bed? Come on be honest we're probably all guilty of it at some point. I know I for one play games as I'm laying in bed to relax and unwind. Even though we all know we are putting a strain on our eyes we just keep on doing things like this that we enjoy.
Okay maybe you're not guilty, or just in deep denial. I'm sure there's been a time you've wished you had a hands-free light to use right? Like walking outside at night to take the dog potty, or down a dark hallway to use the restroom in someone else's house. Now I have your attention right? Okay so on to the point of all the questions. I have an awesome product that's the perfect solution to the damage we are doing to our eyes, and being able to see hands-free in the dark. It's called Beam n Read and let me tell you it's AWESOME!

With no filter the Beam n Read shines a cool daylight-type light, with the orange filter a warm incandescent-type light by filtering out blue light, and the red filter gives a red light by filtering out both blue and green light. Honestly it's all about preference when it comes to using the filters. My husband preferred the orange and I preferred the red. I'm a little more light sensitive in the dark then he is so that may explain it. Since receiving my set of Beam n Read lights my family has all used them a least a couple times each. My son used one while feeding the animals outside at night and said he loved not having to hold the flashlight while trying to fill up their feed and water. My daughter uses the small one while reading in bed at night. She said it helps her to relax while she reads instead of having the bright overhead light on. I even used one to navigate through our house in the dark one night when the dog was whining from her kennel. It was so much better than trying to carry a flashlight or turning on room lights. Honestly I thing we are all in love with them.

Beam n Read Lights are the only light with both extra long runtime AND the ability to use USB as an external power source. Our lights are still shining when others have gone which also makes them more economical to operate than other lights. And especially useful during extended power outages from hurricanes and other events. The optional accessory USB Power Kit lets you plug into USB/AC adapter/chargers, the USB sockets on airplane seats and in hotel rooms, USB car adapter/chargers, the USB port on a computer, etc. This saves battery power for when on-the-go or during power outages.

Unlike flashlights our lights provide hands-free illumination. Unlike headlamps the light doesn’t bounce around during normal head movements, doesn’t shine in a companion’s eyes if you look at them, and doesn’t leave you with headband hair. Unlike clip-ons it can be used to read thin children’s paper books and for tasks like quilting and knitting. And unlike glove lights, you don’t need to keep your hands pointed in front of you.

Buy it: Buy Beam n Read Hands-Free Lights are available at specialty stores,, and on
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