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Spray Away Nail Polish Remover #SprayAway

Nail-Aid’s Spray Away is the first-ever aerosol nail polish remover that provides fast and effortless nail color removal while hydrating nails, available exclusively in all 4500+ Walmart stores nationwide. Unlike other removers that use water to dilute the harsh effects of acetone, Spray Away uses aerosol technology to marry acetone and other moisturizing ingredients such as keratin and collagen, which would not be possible with any other application (think oil and vinegar). Acetone is long to know to be most effective to remove polish, but now you could use it guilt-free without the repercussions on your nails! Not only is it easy to use and 100% leak and spill proof, Spray Away removes polish in seconds with a Spray, Press & Swipe. See the HOW-TO video.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Spray Away for myself. I have to say I actually really like it. Basically what you do is spray some of the polish remover onto a cotton ball and then proceed as usual rubbing off your nail polish.

I like this vs. traditional nail polish for a few reasons:
1. It doesn't have the strong smell like many nail polish removers.
2. You spray on just the amount you need as you need it. Unlike the bottled removers that are harder to control how much dumps out on the cotton ball.
3. It leaves my fingers around my nails feeling soft and moisturized.
4. There's no acetone odor left behind on my fingers after I'm done.

Spray Away is a maximum strength acetone nail polish remover in an exclusive aerosol spray. It's the fastest and most effective way to remove all types of polish in seconds without the mess.

• Just spray directly & soak cotton ball, then swipe away.
• No polish stains left behind.
• Hydrates nails & skin. No dryness, no white residue.
• 100% leak and spill proof. No mess.
• Powerful hyaluronic and collagen formula strengthens splitting, peeling nails.

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