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Slumbr - for a sleep like no other

Until I received my assortment of Slumbr pillows I had no idea there were so many different kinds of materials pillows were made of. I also had no idea that they could all be so different feeling either. I had always just had your "standard" down pillows from my childhood on up. I knew there were other options out there, but had just always went with what I was familiar with using. Now that I've had the chance to try some other options I will probably never sleep on a "standard" down pillow again. Of the pillows I received I would have to say their LYRA latex pillow is probably my favorite. It's like nothing I've ever slept on. It's soft, squishy, and completely comfortable no matter which way I lay my head on it. I like that its soft, yet firm at the same time. My head and neck are supported just the way I like it without having to "squish up" the pillow to make it feel right. Now that's what I call a quality pillow!

91% of Americans believe a comfortable pillow is very important to quality sleep, and yet, 70% believe it’s difficult to find a comfortable pillow. To address this opportunity, Slumbr launched a Pillow Menu of exceptionally comfy, unique pillows in the spring of 2016. We make finding a pillow personal to your individual sleep style so simple with our Pillow Quiz and other online tools. No more squishing pillows through plastic. Or the awkward head rest while standing in the store aisle.

People spend hundreds on a mattress and yet often purchase pillows like an afterthought. We realize pillows are not the sexiest thing, but we’re striving to elevate this everyday experience for something so fundamental to sleep life.

Our Pillow Menu offers six distinct pillow types, ranging from $60 to $225, available at We also offer gift cards. To develop our Menu and Quiz, we evaluated over 250 pillow options and tested the best with real sleepers in their homes. Our Slumbr-branded pillows are made with time-tested materials that maintain their support longer.

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