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Jarlsberg for Holiday Snacking

If you're like many of us right now you're in the midst of planning for company at some point over the next weeks, or even days. Between Thanksgiving week and New Years Day it seems like company is coming and going at an all time high. And that means you have to be ready with some fast snacking ideas for those times they show up unexpectedly. Jarlsberg products are perfect for that. They have cheese and cheese inspired crackers. And when you put them together..well you have cheese and crackers! But let me tell you it's not your ordinary cheese and crackers. Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps have freshly shredded Jarlsberg cheese baked right on top of them. And oh man are they delicious. You an eat them with cheese, or on their own and they are equally tasty.

Jarlsberg® Cheese is rolling out the next generation of go-to holiday snacks of the season, with portable, convenient and delicious Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps. Perfect for dipping, snacking, as part of a cheese board or as a crispy companion to a bowl of hot soup, Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps offer a variety of perfectly balanced flavors  that will compliment your snack, party, or holiday table. These incredible savory, crunchy baked crackers are handcrafted in small batches, and made with freshly shredded Jarlsberg Cheese that is immediately sprinkled on top of the crunchy crackers just prior to being baked.  New Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps takes the mild, mellow and nutty flavor of Jarlsberg Cheese and bakes it into a delicious crunchy snack.  Each Crisp is topped with Jarlsberg Cheese, using the original Norwegian recipe, perfectly balanced with invigorating seasoning and spices for a savory, scrumptious and delectable bite. Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps are available in 4oz bags and have an SRP of $3.99 - $4. 99.

Jarlsberg cheese is perfect to help your readers create easy and delicious recipes from Holiday to New Years.  Available in supermarkets in the deli section nationwide Jarlsberg has a cheese for everyone. Whatever you choose--  the signature wedge, slices, cheese snack sticks or Jarlsberg cheese crisps – the flavor is always mild, mellow and nutty and great for recipes below or cheese platters, snacks or sandwiches.  I am happy to send you more information, photos, recipes as well as product samples.  Always a great source of protein, and naturally lactose and gluten free, Jarsberg’s secret recipe remains the same since it was created in Norway over 60 years ago.

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