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Elfster - the Best Kept Holiday Shopping Secret

Holiday shopping for most has already begun. And that dreaded headache that comes with it of wondering what to get everyone so they will be happy. I don't know how many times I've found myself in the return line with at least one of my kids because they got something they really just didn't want. Or found out later I gifted someone something they didn't want and ended up returning it themselves. So why not invest a little time into something that's not only FREE but can save you time and money too?

Elfster is your best kept Holiday shopping secret because it is a free service that focuses on generosity and surprising people with what they really want through Elfster’s seamless wish list & super fun Secret Santa service.

Join over 5.5 million registered users who have already participated in exchanges and given unexpectedly awesome gifts. You can secretly get everyone exactly what they want and be the ultimate gift giver without even leaving home.

Getting started is SIMPLE.  
1.     Sign up with a Facebook account or your email.
2.     Name and date your exchange.
3.     Invite your friends and family.
4.     Draw names.
5.     Create wish lists – Choosing from a wish list means that your gift is still a surprise… they don’t know which gift you’ll pick!
6.     Exchange and have fun!

With Elfster you'll never give the wrong gift again!

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