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Doodle • Draw • Sketch • Repeat

Ever since I can remember my daughter has always liked to doodle. When she was younger she had the aqua-doodle mat that you used water with to make it look like you were drawing on it. And now that's she's older she's all the time asking for drawing pads. Of course that can get a little pricey if you throw out the page every time you make a mistake. That's actually what peaked my attention when I saw an advertisement for the Magic Sketch. It has a liquid-crystal-display screen which allows children to doodle or draw then clear their work with a push of a button to start over. I can understand why it's called magic, because I wouldn't know what else to call what it does. It's perfect for her because now she can doodle until her heart is content and not be wasting loads of sketch paper. It even had me hooked the first time I played with it. It's a lot of fun seeing what you can draw and then pushing the "magic" button that clears the entire screen. Plus it came with lots of fun sketching tools that you can make neat shapes with too.

And if you're a beginner at drawing, or just not very good at it like (like me) it even comes with a ton of stencils. They have some that teach you to draw fun things like a cat, learn things like your alphabet, and even ones with games you can play with friends. Boy do I wish we had this when we went on our 18 hours of driving for vacation. It would have sure come in handy when we were bored in the car and didn't want to play video games anymore.

As a mom I love when I see my daughter pick this up instead of her iPad or cell phone to play a game. She actually has used it quite a bit to practice drawing from the included cards, and to free-hand draw pictures. She likes that she can just tap the button to erase it all if she doesn't like what she made and start all over. I like that she's using her creative mind for good instead of on technology.

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