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Funky Chunky Café where popcorn and coffee come together

I bet if you stopped and thought for just a moment (even a brief moment) you could come up with at least one popcorn lover you know. For me that's super easy...because it's me! I love popcorn and eat it as a snack quite often. It's something that I can eat plain, with toppings, or like a gourmet dessert. What! What? A gourmet dessert?? Yes I meant to say that. Just think about popcorn drizzled with yummy chocolate and caramel. Now doesn't that sound like a gourmet treat to you? I know it does to me. I love the holidays because there are all sorts of fun popcorn treats out there. And this year to top it off Funky Chunky added a new line called Funky Chunky Café. It features that thing called popcorn we all know and love paired up with something else many of us also! Right now it's available in Caramel Latte, Vanilla Sweet Crème and Dark Chocolate Mocha. And oh my let me tell you from the ones I've tried so far they are DELIGHTFUL! I'm saving a couple bags for an upcoming family dinner party we are hosting, but couldn't stop myself from digging into the Caramel Latte. I'm a sucker when it comes to pretty much anything caramel.

Funky Chunky Peppermint Bark
A delicious combination of buttery caramel popcorn (Non-GMO), smooth white peppermint and dark chocolaty drizzle, sprinkled with peppermint crush. Light and fresh this combination should be shared at your family gatherings this holiday season. Each canister contains sixteen servings (16oz).

Funky Chunky Café Trio
Inspired by a local coffee shop and our coffee loving staff, Caramel Latte begins with our traditional decedent caramel popcorn. Add layers of caramel latte white chocolate drizzle, milk chocolate drizzle, chewy caramel, and highlight it with dark chocolate covered espresso beans and get ready to experience an explosion of flavors. Vanilla Sweet Crème is similar but with vanilla sweet crème white chocolate, chewy caramel and white chocolate covered espresso beans. This treat is guaranteed to trip your sweet tooth. Lastly, Dark Chocolate Mocha loads up with dark chocolate mocha drizzle, milk chocolate drizzle, chewy caramel and dark chocolate covered espresso beans – perfect for your favorite chocoholic. All flavors come in both 5-ounce bags and 19-ounce canisters, perfect for gifting or as a guilt-free sweet for you.  Two ounce will be launched this fall.  “Funky Chunky is known for our delicious mash-ups of caramel popcorn and decadent drizzles. We combine fan favorites with our popcorn, and coffee is a flavor that is unexpected yet delicious,” said Laura Kruse, national sales manager.  “We expect Funky Chunky Café to become a fast favorite.”

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