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Cut the oils and the fats with an air fryer!

I've been looking into getting an air fryer for some time now and finally I have one. If you're not familiar an air fryer uses super-heated rapid air to fry your favorite foods without the need for oil or other fats. In the few short days I've had the unit I've already made french fries and chicken nuggets in it. I have to say I am super excited to use it even more based on the results. It's very simple and easy to use an air fryer with only a few settings. You can opt to use on of the seven pre-programmed settings, or you can choose your own temperature and timer settings. For the french fries I opted to use the pre-programmed setting since it was offered. It worked perfectly, the fries came out crispy and not greasy. As suggested inside the brochure I did pull the basket out half way through cooking and shook them around a bit. For the chicken nuggets I used the temperature and timer settings. I will note they did cook a little faster than I expected so it's better to go with a shorter time and check on your food until you're used to using the unit. I do wish it had come with more detailed instructions for using the pre-programmed settings though beyond showing them as an option. However I was easily able to find lots of information online to subsidize what was included. The other thing I really love is how easy the basket was to clean after use. I was able to just use a washcloth and wipe it clean. But if you need to you can pop it in your dishwasher for a deep clean because it has a dishwasher-safe PFTE-coating.

• 5.2L XL capacity.
• 7 different temperature and time presets for fries, vegetables, cheese, seafood, meat, baked goods and more!
• Double protection circuit detection and automatic shut-off technology, as well as a non-stick PFTE coat and LFGB safety certification.
• Features an LCD screen that displays cook temperature and time and lets you control these options with intuitive buttons.
• Overall Dimensions: 13”(L) x 10“(W) x 15“(H)

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