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Comfort meets functionality in the Kiddy Evoglide1 Stroller

When it comes to choosing a stroller there are a few things any mom knows to look for. The first thing I look for is that it has grow with my kid. There's nothing worse than buying a high dollar product and then figuring out it's only going to work for a few months as your kiddo grew too fast. The other things I look for are comfort for my child, and functionality. Having a nice looking stroller doesn't matter if you can't push it across the yard in a park, or in the gravel of your own driveway. It has to be functional for both the child riding in it and for the parent pushing it. Of course these are just my personal opinions as a mom that's been through stroller shopping with two kids. My kids are six years apart so many things had changed as far as quality and functionality of products like car seats, strollers, etc. so I opted to get new ones for my daughter. Plus having a girl the second time around it was alot more fun pushing her in a "girl colored" stroller than the dark blue one I had for my son. And now that my daughter is eleven even more things have changed since I bought her stroller. It really amazes me how over time they just keep getting better and better. Take for instance this  Kiddy Evoglide1 Stroller it looks good, is full of nice soft padding for the comfort of your kiddo, and it's functional for the parent pushing it. You can use it either front or rear-facing which I totally love. There's nothing worse than hearing your baby crying and not knowing why until you stop pushing and walk all the way around to see. It also has a nice padded handle, closable basket under, adjustable seat, and an nice big canopy to block the sun from their face. These and all the other great options means they put alot of thought into this stroller. I know many of those are options I would have loved to have had with my kids years ago. If you ask me that means they are listening to the suggestions of parents.

Features + Benefits: 
• Flexible seat unit can be used forward facing and rear-facing and be adjusted with one hand on the backrest into three different positions.
• Four-way adjustable footrest so child is comfortable in every position.
• Extra-large sun canopy
• 5-point harness system adapting to the size
• The shoulder and waist straps are equipped with soft pads in the sensitive areas and washable.
• Removable bumper bar includes rain protection for the legs and feet
• Closable shopping basket
• Durable & sturdy tires that are maintenance-free and puncture-proof.
• All-wheel suspension and rotatable front wheels that can be fixed in position if needed
• Excellent maneuverability on all surfaces.
• Age range: Approx. 6 months – 4 years (20 – 55 lbs)

Buy it: You can purchase the Kiddy Evoglide1 Stroller online at Buy Buy Baby.

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