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Air on the go, when you need it most

I don't know what it is with us and luck (or should I say lack there of luck) with tires. It seems like there's always at least one "tire emergency" a month in our house. I can remember it being middle of winter a few months ago and my husband waking me up with a call around 3 am. He had just gotten off work and walked out to his car to find one of his car tires absolutely flat! That meant I had to bring him an air compressor to fill it up so he could come home. Little did I know that also meant me spending 20 minutes running in and out of the house checking all the places our little compressor was "supposed" to be. We just had the one that could plug into a wall outlet or a car outlet so it usually ended up being wherever it was last used. And this time it was buried in my husbands truck box from hunting season. Oh and did I mention the truck box was still in the back end of his pick-up truck...under snow! It was that moment that I decided we weren't going to live off of one air compressor anymore. My husband needed one of his own to carry in his car at all times because this girl didn't want anymore 3 am phone calls to go out in the freezing cold.

That's when I began to research several different portable air compressors. I didn't want something big and bulky because he wanted to keep it under the seat in his car vs. in the trunk where it would slide around. After much looking through various automotive geared websites I remembered having seen the Air Dragon on the Bulbhead website I got my Spin Brush from. Boy was I glad I happened to remember it. I could have been searching and comparing all night. But thankfully I pulled up the Air Dragon page and realized it was everything I wanted. It runs of your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet and has a nice long cord so you can reach all four tires. It's even compact so it will fit under his seat and the bottom compartment holds all of the accessories for it. Plus you can use it to air up other things like sports balls and air mattresses, which he uses when they go camping. It was the perfect solution all wrapped up in one!

• Includes Air Dragon, protective case and rechargeable battery.
• Digital programmable pressure gauge and auto-stop function prevent under- or overinflation.
• Flexible air tube easily bends around spokes and fits into tight hubcap spaces.
• Pumps up car and bike tires, air mattresses, sports balls, and more.
• Plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet
• Automatically stops when it reaches your preset PSI level.

If you're still looking for that perfect gift for that man in your life for Father's Day look no further because the Air Dragon is a gift he will love!
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