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When your sick don't dehydrate, Hydralyte

Have you ever noticed that it seems like you can't ever just have one person in your house that gets sick and be done with it? Most likely if say one of the kids comes home with the flu virus someone else in the house is going to be getting it too...heck it may even be the entire house. At least that's how it always seems to go in our house. The only hope is that mom doesn't get sick at all, or at least not until everyone else is better. 

Did you know that if vomiting and diarrhea are present, dehydration becomes the biggest health risk to your sick family member, especially the young and elderly? I had no idea and honestly hadn't really thought about it much until now even. But looking back how many times when you're sick do you stop eating and drinking because you just want to stop throwing up? I know I've done it before without even realizing at the same time I'm dehydrating my body of the fluids it needs to get better.

The best way to manage a case of vomiting and diarrhea is with an oral hydration solution (ORS) to help replace the lost fluids and electrolytes. One ORS that is now available in the United States and sets itself apart from other hydration options is Hydralyte.

Hydralyte is great tasting; suitable for everyone in the family – from young children to grown adults. 

Some key features of Hydralyte include:

• 75% less sugar than leading sports drinks yet 4x the electrolytes
• Rapidly replaces fluid and electrolytes lost
• Contains the correct balance of sodium and glucose to rapidly rehydrate with clinical effectiveness
• Science behind the product universally recognized by medical professionals
• Can be refrigerated after opening (for up to 30 days)
• Available in a wide range of flavors (Berry, Lemonade and Orange) and formats (Liquid, Powder or Tablets)

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