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My kitchen, my way!

We recently did a kitchen remodel...well sort of. We were just going to do some rearranging of cabinets, but then decided that we really needed to just bite the bullet and invest in an entire new set of cabinets. They had lived with us for the past 14 years, and who knows how long with the people before us. Needless to say it was time for them to go and for me to have my kitchen, my way! I'm one of those people that likes everything to be organized and in it's rightful place. And my kitchen is no exception when it comes to that rule. If I'm going to fully utilize and enjoy my kitchen things need to be easily accessible and they need to be easy to use. And I decided if I was getting new cabinets that also meant it was time to do some upgrades of other things too.

First off that meant I wanted the insides of my cabinets to look just as good as they outside. For instance no more using an old shoe box to store the lids for my pots and pans. You're probably laughing and asking yourself "Is she serious?". Well sadly I'm here to tell you yes I'm serious. I was honestly using a shoe box in my cabinet to hold my lids. But now thanks to the use of two sets of Lid Master Plus™ inserts from Frieling I have a nice stack of lids I can actually stand to look at. Plus they are so handy you can even use them for other things like a trivet for your hot pans, stacking between pans you don't want getting scratched, and turning two pans into a double broiler! This is great because when you take one of your lids off the stack you have one ready to use for other things at the same time. No need to have extras just lying around taking up space.

Another elegant, yet very simple upgrade I did was switch from using the disposable grinders you can get in the store to having my own set. This set from Kyocera has heavy duty glass bases and stainless steel tops. This goes along great with many of the things my kitchen unlike the cheap disposable ones from the store. The Everything Mill Set is nice because you can use it for really any kind of spice that needs to be grinded before use. The initial investment is a little higher, but it's well worth it when you think about having to buy a new grinder each time the disposable ones run out. Plus this looks so much better sitting on my new kitchen table over the branded ones from the store.

Honestly it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to make minor upgrades that make things easier to use, and look a ton better. Every so often I will find things I've just been unhappy with and slowly start replace them. In the end I find that I'm happier working in my kitchen because it's my way!
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