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Educational Insights makes play time fun!

My daughter has always been a busy kid, no matter where we are she's doing something. At home she's crafting and in the car she's either reading or playing with something. And I'm one of those moms that likes to make good use of her time by providing her with fun things to do that are also beneficial to her. Things that either teach her something, or allow her to make something useful. Take for instance the IllumiCraft™ Light-up! Pencil Case kit. It not only teaches her about basic circuitry and engineering, it also provides her with something useful when she's done. Now this is definitely the kind of play time fun I like to encourage. Of course there's always those times that kids do things that are just plain fun like playing with Playfoam GO!. I'll admit I even sat and played with a handful of it while watching TV. It's something to keep my hands busy so I don't feel quite as guilty for just sitting and not being up doing something.

IllumiCraft™ Light-up! Pencil Case Features + Benefits: 
• Introduces basic circuitry and engineering
• Develops problem-solving skills
• Encourages a love of science and experimentation
• Promotes artistic expression and creativity
• Includes canvas bag; 2 LEDs with screw-in back units; battery case with lid and CR2032 battery; and 2 feet of adhesive, conductive copper tape
• Includes 2 sheets of sparkly, decorative, shaped foam stickers; paper and plastic decorative shapes; 5-color marker set, stencil and guide

Playfoam GO! Features + Benefits: 
• Portable carrying case includes 8 cool Playfoam colors
• Playfoam never dries out and won't stick to carpet, car seats, or clothing, so cleanup is a snap!
• Perfect for playdates, parties, and everyday imaginative play at home
• Safe and non-toxic
• There’s a ninth bonus compartment for mixing Playfoam colors!

This is the almost finished IllumiCraft™ Light-up! Pencil Case. It came with everything my daughter needed to create a simple circuit to make it light up. Plus it came with markers, stickers, and other fun stuff to decorate it. I have to say I thought it was pretty cool once we got it working. It wasn't as simple as it seemed like it would be. You have to really make sure everything lines up just right or the lights won't come on. Once you've completed this part of the craft, the rest is left up to your imagination because there are no instructions or guidance whatsoever about how to decorate it.

Buy it: You can find these and other great educational themed toys at the Educational Insights website.

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