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Cell Phone Tracker For Concerned Parents

If you are like most of us your kids are spending most of their lives online. A cell phone tracker is a great way to know who they are talking to, what videos they watch, and even where they physically are. In this article we will look at a new cell phone tracker called PC Tattletale. A friend of mine showed it to me recently and I was really impressed. That is why I wanted to tell you about it.

A Cell Phone Tracker That Is Easy

If you want to put a cell phone tracker on your kids phone you need to know that not all trackers are created equally.  Most of them require you to jail break (iPhone) or root (Android) your phone. This lowers the security of the phone so a cell phone tracker can do its thing. The problem? It will break your phone's (or tablet's) warranty. Plus it is not easy. You need to be very good computers to even do it.

PC Tattletale is a cell phone tracker that does not require rooting or jail breaking the device. You install it just like any other app off the app store. But it works a little different between Android and iPhone. I will share those differences with you here:

PC Tattletale for iPhone

This version does not need any software on their phone. You just need their iCloud account info. If you are like most parents your kids are probably on your own iCloud account which makes life easier. If not get them on it. Tell them they need to back up their phone. Here is what PC Tattletale for iPhone looks like:

So maybe your teenage daughter is acting funny lately.  You just know something isn't right. She says she is staying the night at a friend's house. You kind of don't believe her. As a concerned parent you head over to PC Tattletale and put your iCloud info into their site. They return every text message off your daughter's phone she ever sent. Even the ones from years ago. You find out she has been talking to a guy for months planning this weekend. You find out they are going to hotel. You even see the hotel they are going to.

That is how PC Tattletale works for iPhone.

PC Tattletale for Android

This android version works different because there is no iTunes or iCloud backup system. Simply put the PC Tattletale android app on your kids phone or tablet. Then it disappears. They will not see it. Neither will you. But it is busy recording their every touch of the screen. These screen shots are put into YouTube like movies you can watch from the PC Tattletale website.

Tip: With Android you need physical access to their phone to put the app on it.

Worried what kinds of pictures your daughter is sending over snap chat? Now you can see what she is sending. Sure. Everyone knows snap chat instantly deletes pictures and videos. But PC Tattletale already has them for you!

It is a super slick way to watch your kid's every online move on any android device.

PC Tattletale for Windows

This version is not for cell phones. But lets face it our kids are multi-device users. They move from a computer, to a phone, to a tablet without almost not even thinking about it. PC Tattletale for windows makes the same kind of YouTube videos you would see for their Android device. It has a keylogger that captures keystrokes too. Need their Facebook password? Now you can easily get it.

Get them all.

Probably the best part of PC Tattletale is their price. You can monitor up to 3 devices for just $99. They say you can mix and match the devices however you want. Maybe you have 2 android tablets and home windows PC. Use it that way if you wish.

As concerned parents we really need to see what our kids are doing online and who they are talking to. PC Tattletale is a great cell phone tracker that can do all this and more.
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