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The Best food for your Best Friend

When it comes to choosing pet foods whether it be their everyday food, or treats you always want whats best for your furry best friend. I know I'm always watching the news and trying to keep up on any safety issues or recalls regarding pet foods. We have a dog and cats that we consider to be part of our family. And just like my kids I want what's best for them to give them a long healthy life while they are with us. And that means choosing foods that are good for them just like we choose for ourselves - free of fillers and artificial ingredients. I and love and you does this for our pets with their food and treats because they are grain free and contain real meat as the first ingredient. Everything a well-rounded pet needs, minus the occasional tummy rub. Our furry friends can't speak for themselves when it comes to choosing their food...well to an extent they can, but the rest is up to us. We have to make the right decision to feed them foods that are good for them just like we would do for ourselves. They have to grow and develop just like kids so a food packed with good nutrients is a must. So make sure you know what you're feeding your beloved pets - I'm sure like us you want to keep them around as long as possible so you can enjoy them!Check out the top five most searched for questions from 2016 and some fun answers from ILY.

1) How long are dogs pregnant?
What could possible be more exciting than more dogs? Dogs are pregnant for 58-68 days before puppies happen!

2) Was Goofy a dog?
Are dogs goofy? Well, it depends on whether or not he’s wearing that sweater you bought him? So of course Goofy was a dog!

3) Why does my dog lick me?
There are a number of different reasons your dog might lick your fingers but we think the most plausible one is that you have ILY residue from that Nice Jerky you fed them earlier on your fingertips. Can you really blame them though?

4) How can you tell how old a dog is?
Dogs might look older when they aren’t eating nutritiously. With ILY’s Naked Essentials Kibble, your dog will get the high protein base they need to look and feel like a puppy again, plus our kibble is perfect for any life stage. Salmon + Trout, Chicken + Duck or Lamb + Bison? Your dog’s choice!

5) What happens when a dog eats chocolate?
Chocolate can make a dog extremely sick because it contains substances such as caffeine and theobromine that dogs are unable to digest properly. So give them treats they were meant to have instead - give them ILY chews and they will love you forever!
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