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Here Doggy Doggy..I've got a treat for you!

After seeing so many pet food companies in the news lately it's made me really stop and think, and look at what we are feeding our pets. One might think a simple dog biscuit for example can't be bad for them right? Well, that's not always the case. Many times treats are filled with things dogs really don't need in their diets (sort of like candy for humans). Like many foods on the market for us humans, just because they are out there on the shelves doesn't mean they are good for us. That's what lead my daughter and I to start talking about making our dog homemade treats actually. So thus began the quest to finding a good source for not just a recipe, but also information about making homemade dog treats. I wanted to make sure we were doing it for the right reasons and that the treats we ended up making were actually good for our pup and not just an alternative to store bought treats.

Through our quest we happened upon information featured on the SimpleWag website. Not only did it give the recipe for homemade dog treats, it also gave lots of great information on the benefits of them too. Plus the recipe had all natural ingredients you might already have right in your kitchen already like corn meal, bananas, peanut butter (a doggy favorite) and eggs to name a few. I knew this was definitely the way to go.

This recipe for the Gourmet Doggy Biscuits we found was created by Chef Amanda Pallagi-Naim, the Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX. WOW a dog treat created by a chef, how cool is that! I'm sure our pup felt like a celebrity when we gave her the first treat we made..well at least that's what I'm going with.

What about you? Do you make homemade treats for your pets?

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