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Gel-a-Peel - Are you ready to get crafty?

If you've been around my blog long you already know my daughter and I love to craft together. So you can only imagine how excited we both were when we got to check out these two new sets from Gel-a-Peel. I will be honest I never imagined I would be just as into it as my daughter was. We sat for probably two hours talking about what we wanted to make, and then actually making things. Heck by the time we were all done some of the things we started on were already dry!

There are basically three different ways to make things with your Gel-a-Peel kit.

1. Using one of the design stations to make your projects.
2. Using templates to make projects.
3. Using your own creativity to make projects.

All three are equally fun in our opinion as long as you don't run out of gel! We have already gone completely through two of the tubes we received and I'm not sure how much is left in the other ones.

The Sparkle Bead Station that we received gives you all you need to make beads, rings, and pencil grips. The Glow in the Dark kit included not just the glow gel but also fun templates for making jewelry shapes, and letters too. So either way you go you will have everything you need to get started on your projects.

Also in the kits you get fun tips that you put on the ends of the gel tubes. It reminded me of using icing on a cake when you would squeeze it out. Some were just small hole openings while others had ridges to give you a rippled effect. It gave you even more ways to get creative in your crafting. I will note when you are done with a tip go ahead and let the gel dry inside of it. That makes it so much easier to clean out then trying to do it while it's still wet.

But if you're ever at a loss for ideas, or don't feel confident enough to free-hand things you can find additional templates right on the Gel-a-Peel website. They also have an awesome YouTube page that has videos to show you ways to create.

As you can see we did all three ways of crafting with Gel-a-Peel. I think my favorite was making the beads because it gave me something to do after they were all dry. The bracelets were a little too small for me so my daughter took a few of them to school to share with her friends. I made the letter "M" in the top part of the photo using the glow gel. My daughter added some sticky putty to the back of it and put it on her bed headboard so it glows at night after she turns out the light. I will point out these are only a mere few of the things we created. We made a ton more beads and bracelets. I think next time we sit down to craft we are going to give earrings a shot too. And then I might just have to give in and get my daughter the original design station so she can make a cell phone case for her phone. Plus that one has a stand for your gel pens and tips and cool drawers that pop open to store your other parts!

Check out this video of Gel-a-Peel in action:

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