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PlaSmart - Toys that promote creativity

One thing I've always liked about the PlaSmart brand is that they don't just make toys that pass time. They make toys that promote creativity too. Yes they do have some things that are just for good ole fun, but they also have products that help kids (and even adults) explore their creative and exploratory side. Take for instance the Orbo ball, yes it's lots of fun to play with, but it also helps you to do a little extra thinking. I call it my Rubix cube for dummies. I've never been good and figuring out the Rubix cube once it's all messed up and usually give up at some point. With the Orbo ball I have that challenge element still, but I can figure it out before I get so frustrated and quit. Plus it's a ton of fun messing up the balls and seeing who can return them to their colored spots the fastest.

Another fun thing we recently started using quite a bit in our house is one of their Messmatz. This thing is very mother's dream come true. I know I absolutely love it. It's basically a flexible silicone mat that can roll up for storage, then unroll for use to keep any potential messes contained. I have my daughter use it for any crafting project that she does even if it's not messy per-say. It's also great for keeping beads and other small parts from rolling off of a table. So it's great for her to use when she's making bracelets.

A few other things they offer that are for good plain fun (but can also get the brain thinking too) are the Drop Shot game and the Happyville Smart Mat. Drop Shot is a 2-4 player game where you have to practice a little bit of strategic thinking to get your colored marble to the top. And the Smart Mat is a fun place to play cars in the town of Happyville! What better way to pretend you're learning to drive, or playing outdoors (rain or shine) than on the comfort of a soft mat indoors!
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