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Let your thoughts and creativity emerge!

My daughter is one of those kids that likes to write things down. It doesn't matter if it's a list of things she wants for her birthday, or just random thoughts on her mind she just always seems to be "taking notes". To me it's great though because she's always well organized when it comes to knowing what she wants for a gift. Plus it keeps her mind actively thinking as she's writing things down. Sometimes she randomly asks me to pick a subject so she can write down as many things as she knows about it. So to help her keep this inspiration for writing going I like to give her notebooks that are unique and a bit of fun too. Take these WAFF Notebooks for instance. They have grids all over the cover (sort of like a waffle) that you can use little letter and Emoji cubes to decorate on them. They even have a cool "lock" feature using some of the little grids that fold over the side. If you ask me they are super cool. And if you ask my daughter they are awesome. She loves that she can put her name on them one day, and the name of her favorite pet the next without even having to erase anything. She's really gotten into the little decorating cubes.

Inspired by the grid of waffles, the WAFF Notebook comes in various collections. WAFF Combo notebooks come with lettered/Emoji cubes allowing for the silicone covers to be decorated in unique ways. Each WAFF notebook comes with 190 lined pages. *Cubes for the alphabet, numbers, and colors are sold separately (compatible with WAFF book, notepads in large and medium size)

Something else she loves to do is craft. She's alot like me when it comes to crafting though and doesn't always like to come up with the ideas herself. I'm one of those "paint-by-number" types and so is she at times. So these Sequin Art sets from Geospace are a great alternative for her when she's not in a super creative mood. Until we actually opened up the set and saw it I didn't realize just how cool it is. You use little pins to attached various colored sequins to a photo canvas. There are instructions included on where to put each color, but you always have the option to change it up if you want the colors different than shown. Great for those of us that like it laid out for us as well as those that like the room for creativity.

Geared to both kids and adults, Sequin Art lets the artist inside of you create shimmering and majestic creations. All Sequin Art pictures are very easy to make, and includes an easy to follow full colored instruction book. Just place the velvet design on the frame and attach the glittering colorful sequins using the pins provided to complete a vibrant picture.
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