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Kitty Club and Zomlings - a dream come true!

If you have a kitty lover in your house these super cute kitty collectibles from Whatnot Toys are right up your alley. Kitty Club cats come in foil packs and sets with their own little kitty accessories. My daughter is a cat lover at heart so when these arrived she began begging me to open them all. Of course like any good mom I only let her have one set. She now has some incentive to do her chores to earn the other kitty packs. I'm not sure which element she likes better, that they are all cats or that they are all a surprise as to what's inside. She just loves the anticipation about finding out which kitty she will get next.

And what little kitty lovers dream wouldn't be made complete with a super cute handbag to carry them all? For a limited time when you purchase $10 worth of Kitty Club products you will get a super cute plush handbag FREE at participating retailers. Why not give your little collector a cute place to store all their kitties!

Don't worry because Whatnot Toys hasn't forgotten about all the boys out there that don't want to collect cuddly kitties. For them they have an awesome assortment of Zomlings instead. They are cool little mini zombies that every boy will love to collect. And just like the Kitty Club cats they come in surprise foil packs so you never know which Zomling is inside. Lots of fun to collect, and to play with in their own little Zomlings town.

Buy it: You can get Kitty Club and Zomlings toys on Amazon.
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