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Armadillo LT Gaiters - for those times it rains...and pours

Around here when it rains it pours...and pours...and pours. It's supposed to be mid-winter but honestly around here it feels like spring with all the rain and the warmer temps. Not your average January in Indiana that's for sure. With all the rain instead of snow boots at the front door to take the dog out we have rain boots. Having the appropriate gear ready helps make it not quite so messy when you have to head out. My son's even been using his new pair of Armadillo LT Gaiters to help keep his pants dry when he's caring for our outdoor animals. At first he thought mom was crazy when she suggested he use them, but once he tried them out and realized how easy they are to slip on and off and how well they keep him dry (and clean) he's been using them ever since. He said it's nice having the added protection too when he's hiking in the woods if he trips and falls. They keep his legs protected from sticks poking through his pants legs which has happened more times than this mom cares to count.

Armadillo LT Gaiters were designed to meet the demand for affordable, high performance gaiters for outdoor enthusiasts. The lightweight and breathable construction is guaranteed to keep your legs, socks, and feet dry during your outdoor adventures! 1000 denier nylon on the bottom half provides protection against scrapes and punctures from crampon spikes. The YKK zipper gives a contour fit that won’t fall down or need to be readjusted during activity. Breathable Flexia three-layer fabric on the upper half offers four-way stretch and ensures sweat moves away from the body. The boot-lace hook adds stability to the gaiter and ensures it won’t move off the shoe. The lower is a 1000D, high density nylon, providing supreme protection from the elements.  Like all Hillsound gaiters, the Armadillo LT comes with a lifetime warranty.
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