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Stuff their stockings with GoldToe Socks!

By the title of this post I'm sure you've already figured out I'm "one of those moms". I stuff the end of my kids stockings with socks and I'm proud of it. Actually it's quite funny how excited my kids get when they start pulling out their new socks from the bottom of their stockings. We are pretty big sock fans in this house so everyone loves to get new ones. We've done the cheap socks that don't last very long and now know that good quality name brand socks are the only way to go. That's why we all like Gold Toe socks so much, they not only feel great on your feet, they also last through lots of wear and washes. They don't lose their elastic around the top and slide down your foot like some cheap socks do. If I wanted my sock half way down my foot I wouldn't have started my day out with crew socks. Being it's winter time I definitely want my feet and part way up my leg covered! Of course your sock style preference may be different than mine just as it goes in my house. My son and daughter both like the like the ankle socks while my husband and I like the crew style of socks. I'm a big baby about my feet getting cold so I always have to have a sock that covers them well and doesn't leave any room between my sock and my pants. I'm only good with the ankle socks in the summer time with sneakers and shorts unlike my kids that will wear them year round. Honestly no matter what style you choose you can't go wrong with the Gold Toe brand.

Gold Toe Brands, Inc., is the third largest United States-based producer of socks. It makes more than half of the men’s dress socks sold in department stores in the United States and produces more than 140 million pairs of socks annually. Gold Toe socks are on the American Podiatric Medical Association’s approved list of brands for foot health. Gold Toe offers a wide collection of socks in all area, sizes.

Buy it: Check out the Gold Toe website for their vast selection of socks for the entire family!

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