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Special Edition Campbell’s Spider-Man Soup #RealRealLife

I've always been one of those that ate chicken noodle soup when I was sick growing up. And it wasn't until I had my daughter that it became more of a staple in our cabinet for other eating enjoyment too. She's one that loves to eat the shaped pasta soups for lunch with half a sandwich. So thanks to her I've gotten into eating them more often too. I mean what's better for warming up on a cold day then a bowl of hot soup? And if you're going to have soup why not make it something fun like Spiderman inspired soup with fun shapes in it!

Made with intricate, die-cut pasta figures, followers of the classic comic can fill their soup spoons with miniature shapes inspired by the Spider-Man. The special edition Healthy Kids Pasta with Chicken Soup does not contain added MSG, artificial flavors or artificial colors.

I'm totally loving this cute commercial for the Campbell’s Spider-Man Soup. You have no idea you're going to be in for a fun surprise until the very end. #RealRealLife
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